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Health & Wellness

Tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle with hearing loss.

The Health Benefits of Golfing

By Guest Writer

If you’ve been thinking of taking up golf, it has many health benefits! It does have one small, possible hazard, though. Keep reading to see if it’s for you!...

Do Animals Hear Differently than Humans?

By Jordan Rosser

You may have not thought about it before—except when you learned about bats in school—but all living creatures have different levels of hearing ability: Some have great hearing, others do not—some don’t even use their ears to hear! Many animals' hearing abilities are more acute than ours...

What is Muffled Hearing and How to Treat It?

By Ryan Reed

Imagine being in the workplace, a restaurant, or a park and everything around you sounds as if your head is in a glass bowl. You can still hear people talking to you, but sounds aren’t as crisp and clear as usual. If that sounds like your experience, you might be suffering from muffled hearing....

The Top 15 Memory Games for Seniors

By Jordan Rosser

Memory games can help boost short- and long-term memory in seniors. Check out this list of the top 15 memory games in 2020. They are available in online and board game format....

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