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Captions bring people closer

Making the case for Sociality

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Captions bring people closer

Making the case for Sociality

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Better Hearing Now. Better life later.

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The Comfort of Captions

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Why offer CaptionCall

When you recommend CaptionCall to your patients, you solve a real problem in their lives by helping them use the phone with confidence. Smooth, easy-to-read captioning helps put people back in touch with loved ones and the important business of life.

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CaptionCall can help reduce telephone-related complaints and decrease potential hearing aid returns. Plus, there is no cost to you or to your patients. The CaptionCall phone and services are funded by a federal program to help people with hearing loss communicate better.

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What professionals say about CaptionCall

What professionals say about CaptionCall


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Simple Options for Submitting Certifications

We make it easy to request CaptionCall for your patients. You can order a phone using your OMS, submit our form online, or send a PDF.

There is no cost to you or your patients. CaptionCall will contact your patient directly and arrange for delivery, installation, and in-home training as part of our renowned Red Carpet Service.

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Explore different ways to support your patients with CaptionCall. CaptionCall can provide you with a demo phone, multiple certification options, in-office information, and patient materials. Complete this form to start sharing CaptionCall with your patients.