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CaptionCall Announces Service Enhancements and Reaffirms Commitment to Accessible Communication for Callers

For release: Jan. 5, 2022

CaptionCall Announces Service Enhancements and Reaffirms Its Commitment to Accessible Communication for Callers 

No-cost service keeps eligible, hard-of-hearing callers connected to loved ones and associates 

SALT LAKE CITY – (Jan. 5, 2022) With the new year, CaptionCall reaffirms its commitment to providing critical communication services for people who experience hearing loss and need captions to use the telephone. CaptionCall’s continued commitment includes investments in new technology and user platforms that will improve customers’ captioning service experience.

“At CaptionCall, our mission is to help people with hearing loss stay socially connected for a longer, happier, healthier life,” notes CaptionCall CEO Jorge Rodriguez. “We are providing new, next-generation technology that enhances our customers’ overall experience. This includes adding a larger touch screen as well as investing in revolutionary captioning technology that offers excellent speed of answer due to our ability to offer live captioning agents in combination with automated speech recognition. This accomplishes little or no wait for captions. And, as always, our dedicated trainers and customer support teams stand ready to provide customers with the resources they need.” 

With CaptionCall’s captioning service, callers can hear and read what the other person is saying. A large, easy-to-read screen displays text that automatically scrolls during conversations. The phone dials, rings, and operates like a regular phone. In addition, callers can save Contacts and can also review the most recent conversation. CaptionCall offers mobile options, Spanish captioning service, and 911 emergency calling. CaptionCall also provides contactless installation, product training, as well as user guides and videos. 

Because CaptionCall service is funded by a federal government program made possible through the Americans with Disabilities Act, CaptionCall works seamlessly with phone service providers so there is no increase to eligible callers’ monthly bills.

“We are dedicated to providing an optimal experience for our callers,” says Jason Dunn, CaptionCall Chief Operations Officer. “Their satisfaction – and keeping them connected – is our priority.” 

CaptionCall has set up a special webpage for hard-of-hearing callers who currently may be using another phone captioning service – or for first-time users – who would like to experience CaptionCall. Please visit 

About CaptionCall, LLC

CaptionCall is the industry leader in the provision of captioned-telephone service that is available at no-cost to anyone who has hearing loss that necessitates the use of captions to use the phone. While hearing loss affects millions of people for many different reasons – age, illness, injury, loud working conditions, and military service – it doesn’t have to limit the quality of their phone conversations. With CaptionCall, it’s easy to communicate confidently with friends, family, and colleagues.

CaptionCall uses advanced voice recognition technology, a transcription service, and human captioning agents to quickly provide written captions of what callers say on a large, easy-to-read screen. The CaptionCall phone works like a traditional telephone – callers simply dial and answer calls, as usual, and speak and listen using a phone handset. CaptionCall users see captions of what callers say. Apps for iOS and Android are also available.

All eligible customers receive Red Carpet Service that includes professional installation, product training, and friendly customer support, enabling people everywhere to get more from their phone conversations — and more from life.

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Important info to know

As a professional who recommends CaptionCall to your patients, there are several important things you should know and help your patients understand:

  • Hearing loss and the need for captions to use the telephone effectively are required to receive the CaptionCall captioning service and phone at no cost.
  • CaptionCall is a captioning service that uses a live captioning agent and advanced voice recognition technology to generate captions of what the user’s callers say.
  • CaptionCall is certified by the FCC to provide captioned telephone service.
  • Funding for CaptionCall service is based on an assessment paid by telephone communications companies. These companies often pass this cost along to telephone subscribers in the form of a surcharge.
  • The offer of a complimentary CaptionCall phone or captioning service cannot be tied to any other offer or program.
  • When you offer CaptionCall, you must explain the eligibility requirements.

Please contact your local Account Manager or reach out to our corporate support team at / 1-877-557-2227 if you need additional support.