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Android Quick Start Guide

Welcome to CaptionCall! You’re about to experience mobile phone calls in a richer, more positive way. The CaptionCall Mobile app for Android lets you make and get captioned phone calls so you can understand calls better – wherever you are.

To log in to the CaptionCall Mobile app, use your CaptionCall account credential. If you do not have an account, the app has a link when you first download. Click on Don’t have an account? This takes you to the CaptionCall Self-Registration Website to set up a CaptionCall account. Make sure you note your new account username and password to log in to CaptionCall Mobile.

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Android Getting Started

Getting started

The first time you log in to CaptionCall Mobile for Android, you will be asked to acknowledge the limitations of E911 and verify your emergency address. You can update this address at any time in app Settings.

You can use the toggles to enable Touch ID or Face ID to use the app without entering your User ID and password each time

Android Making Calls

Making calls

You can make calls using the Dialpad, or touch the Recents or Contacts icon and select the name/number you wish to call. Captioning will start automatically.

Android Answering Calls

Answering calls

When someone calls you, you’ll see a notification on your screen. To answer, slide the green phone icon. If your phone is locked when the call comes in, you will need to unlock your phone and select the CaptionCall Mobile icon to see captions.

Android Saving Calls

Saving calls

At the end of every call, you can choose to Save or Discard the captions. To review a saved conversation, touch the Saved icon on main menu.

Android Using Contacts

Using contacts

If you allow CaptionCall Mobile access to your phone contacts, they will appear in the Contacts list for easy dialing. You will also see any contacts associated with your CaptionCall account.

Calling 911

The CaptionCall Mobile app is a VoIP phone service. E911 service may be limited or unavailable under certain circumstances, including, but not limited to, uncharged/dead handset battery, lack of data coverage by your mobile carrier, or during an internet service outage. As part of becoming a CaptionCall Mobile customer, you provided CaptionCall with your Emergency Calling Service address. This address will be transmitted to the E911 center in the event that you call 911. If your actual location is different from the registered Emergency Calling Service address that you gave CaptionCall, you will need to provide your current location to emergency personnel when you call 911 during an emergency, or call 911 using your mobile phone service without captions. To verify or change your Emergency Calling Service address, please call 1-877-557-2227 or visit the Settings section of the app and touch Edit under Emergency Address.

Account activity

If you do not use CaptionCall Mobile for a period of 60 days, CaptionCall reserves the right to cancel your VoIP account associated with the app. If your account is canceled, you can sign up again at any time.

Need help?

CaptionCall is here to answer any questions.

General CaptionCall Customer Support:
1-877-557-2227 or


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