Sarah Taft

CaptionCall Customer Support Manager 

Q: Please describe your role in the company and why it is important?

A: I am the customer support manager for CaptionCall.  Our main focus in customer support is obviously meeting the needs of our callers (whether that be current customers, potential customers, field staff, providers, etc.) and making sure that their questions are answered, their issues are resolved, and their phone and captioning services are performing well.  There is a lot of variety in what our team does, and I am consistently blown away by all that my employees do on a daily basis!  We have over 200 processes they may need to use throughout the day and they have a lot to remember. They do a great job and are so great with our customer base! I process compliments regularly that come in from customers who want to highlight the awesome experience they had with a rep during a phone call or who want to let us know how much they appreciate how patient and kind our reps are.  The interactions between our team and our customer base are so important and a little bit of kindness goes a long way!

Q: What do you bring to your role that adds value to the company?

A: Open and constant communication is huge in my role.  Customer support is a people-focused team and often involves a lot of quick changes and collaboration. Our team works closely with several other departments to ensure that processes are smooth and fluid and that communication lines are open across the board. As a management group, we have a strong focus on transparency and working together to create processes that meet the needs of all teams involved.  I attend a lot of meetings with other departments to ensure all necessary information is communicated to my team and that we are adapting to changes as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

Q: What does the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provide for people who are Deaf and hard-of-hearing?

A: Functional equivalence!  For those who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing, this means providing them with a service which gives them the option to communicate over the phone just as easily as a hearing person could.  CaptionCall provides an easily accessible captioning service to those who qualify and gives them the opportunity to communicate freely and independently via landline phone or mobile app.

Q: Please describe how regulations (government rules) impact what we do as a company.

A: FCC regulations are something that are always kept in mind as we create and adjust processes in customer support.  I work closely with the compliance team on a regular basis to ensure that any new procedures or adjustments made are given compliance’s stamp of approval before communicating any changes or updates to my team.  We are diligent in communicating eligibility requirements to potential customers as they call in with questions and confirm eligibility before entering a new lead into our system.  

Q: What is the greatest challenge you have overcome – or are still overcoming – in your work?

A: We have been using our new customer relationship management (CRM) system for almost a year – and it is ever evolving! We continue to adjust processes and improve efficiency/reporting capabilities as we make updates to the CRM each month. It has definitely been a challenge to get used to the new system as it is much more complex, but overall, it has been a great change because of the many improvements from our old database.  

Q: What is the best part of your work?

A: Definitely the people.  We have such an incredible management group and have built these teams from the ground up!  In the last couple of years, there has been a lot of change and expansion within customer care,  and despite the stress of moving to a new CRM and adjusting to a mostly work-from-home role department-wide, our groups have rolled with the punches and continue to bring their best to their roles every day.  I am lucky to work with such great people – in my management staff, my employees, and our customer base!