Change their phone,
Change their lives

CaptionCall is a federally funded service for people whose hearing loss requires captioning for them to effectively use the phone.

No internet?
No problem.

Now your patients can benefit from the CaptionCall phone and captioning service  even if they do not have internet. And there’s still no cost.

Making CaptionCall Easy for Your Patients:

CaptionCall customers can find short, easy video instructions for commonly asked questions in this helpful video series.

Study: Seniors Embrace Tech Innovations

by Jeff Weiss

Coming soon to an enthusiastic older audience

CaptionCall Phone Features

Confident communication

Captioned telephone service helps your eligible patients make sure they understand what they’re hearing accurately with real-time captioning so they feel more confident and independent and never miss the point of their conversation.

Keeps patients connected

Those who need captioning to understand unfamiliar voices on the phone will appreciate the automated speech recognition, captioning agent assisted calls, and background noise-minimizing features that make it easy to stay connected wherever they are. 

Use on the go

For your more active patients, CaptionCall is mobile and can go anywhere they go. It’s just as easy and intuitive and works much the same way as the at-home CaptionCall phone. People will love being able to communicate effectively while away from home.

No longer use a landline?

The CaptionCall Mobile App is available at no cost for those with hearing loss that need captions to use the phone effectively. Our mobile app effectively supports Apple IOS 11 devices or later as well as Android 7 devices or later.

Refer patients with ease

We make it easy to request CaptionCall for your eligible hearing-impaired patients in three different ways. You can order the captioning phone and service using your OMS, submit our form online, or send a PDF. There is no cost to you or your patients, and CaptionCall will contact your patient directly to arrange for delivery, installation, and in-home training as part of our renowned Red Carpet Service.

Online form

Do you work at the Veterans Administration? Click here to refer.

Professional education

CaptionCall offers learning opportunities and scholarships for hearing care professionals, staff, and students. Learn more about available learning resources.


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Education days

We’ll spend a day at your practice showing patients an innovative way to improve their telephone conversations with CaptionCall. Learn more about Education Days.

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Whitepapers & articles

Access meaningful information on issues that impact your patients and your practice as presented by respected academics. Read the Whitepapers.

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Eddy the Ear

This library of videos and comics can be used during office visits, in your waiting area, or as part of your website or social media campaigns. Watch Eddy the Ear.

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Video library

CaptionCall videos are an excellent way to explain how CaptionCall works. You are welcome to show them during patient visits or post them on your website. View our Video Library.

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