Patience and progress.

Your captioning service during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Important information
from CaptionCall’s CEO

Communication access is more important than ever before during the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in the U.S. The sudden increased volume has exceeded anything we have ever experienced.
As a result, you may experience delays in your captioning service. We are sorry. Your flexibility and understanding are appreciated as we work towards quick solutions.

  • Be assured that all 911 calls receive the highest priority, just as they normally do.
  • Be patient. Your call is received in order and will get to a captioning agent. We are doing all we can to reduce wait times.
  • Communicate to callers. Tell your caller there may be delays in captioning and to please wait with you.

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  • More calls. Like you, people need to communicate more. A whole lot more! We saw over 40% more calls in just the first week of the pandemic, and that has continued.
  • Longer calls. Our customers often require captioning services for longer periods of time right now. In fact, calls are now 2-3 times longer than before the pandemic.
  • Staffing difficulties. More and more of our captioning employees are sheltering in place to comply with local social distancing guidelines.

  • More shifts. Our captioning assistants are working around the clock to minimize delays.
  • More employees. We are aggresively hiring more staff to meet these higher demands.
  • More equipment. Additional hardware and software have been purchased to help more of our employees have the ability to work from home.
  • Government collaboration. We have open and on-going communication with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to maintain captioning services. Our captioning centers will remain open, no matter what, as a designated essential service. The FCC has been extremely helpful and a critical ally during this time of crisis.

We are grateful to have you as a CaptionCall user and appreciate your patience as we all transition to new routines and practices. Be well, be safe.