Do you or a loved one have hearing loss?

If you have hearing loss that requires phone captions, you may be eligible for America’s leading phone captioning service – at no cost.

Here’s how CaptionCall works

Telephone captioning transcribes your phone calls so you can read and understand every detail.


Make or answer a call as usual with CaptionCall


A CaptionCall captioning agent and automated speech recognition transcribes what the other person says.


You read the conversation – you can save the captions too.

Do you need CaptionCall?

• Do you have trouble hearing on the phone, even with your hearing aids?

• Is it hard to distinguish speech tones on a regular telephone?

• Are you missing out on social interaction due to hearing loss?

CaptionCall can help!

• Captions add visual support to what you hear

• Agents help improve accuracy along with computer voice recognition

• CaptionCall has traditional and mobile phone captioning options

Superior service at no cost

• Free installation. We will connect your new phone and make sure it’s working correctly.

• Free personalized training. Our professional representatives are selected because they are friendly, patient, and ready to show you how to make the most of your CaptionCall phone.

• Free customer support. Can’t remember how to change your phone settings? Having trouble getting messages? Our customer support team is available via phone or email.

• 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ll make every effort to make your experience positive. But if you are not satisfied with CaptionCall for any reason, you can return the phone at no cost.

New! CaptionCall mobile

With CaptionCall Mobile, you can use your Apple iOS or Android mobile device to make and receive captioned phone calls wherever you are.

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“I love it. I’m 93 with only 6% hearing in one ear and 30% in the other. I have had a very hard time talking to anyone, especially when they talk too fast. This is a very helpful communication tool and I’m so thankful to have the use of it. I quite likely lost most of my hearing as a result of mortar and artillery shells landing near me in WWII.”


from Des Moines, WA

“This phone is a great piece of equipment, both in looks and performance. My hearing is so bad I almost gave up answering calls in the past, but with my new CaptionCall phone, the sound quality along with captioning is fantastic!”


from Shingletown, CA

“It is a relief to be able to do your own personal and business calls rather than having someone else do it for you.”


from Attleboro, MA

“I have lost all of my high-frequency hearing, which makes it totally impossible to understand what people are saying on a regular telephone or cell phone. The CaptionCall phone is my lifeline to telephonic communication. I’ve had my CaptionCall phone for over 10 years and I would be completely lost without it!”


from Melbourne, FL

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