How old were you when you first noticed your hearing loss?

February 8, 2017



The Center for Disease Control recently conducted a survey with some surprising results about hearing loss. It turns out nearly 20 percent of people in their 20s already have some level of hearing loss, and that hearing loss in more than half of the cases was not caused by loud noises from work. In addition, “About 24 percent of people ages 20-69 who report having excellent hearing have measurable hearing damage. About 20 percent of adults with no job exposure to loud sounds have hearing damage.”


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Sounds like there are millions of people with measurable hearing loss who don’t even know they have it. It’s quite possible that because they are not constantly surrounded by loud noises, they don’t think it is possible to have hearing loss.  You don’t have to be working a jack hammer for a living or being surrounded by jet engines to be susceptible. There are many sources of loud noises in our daily routines that we don’t pay attention to … our surround sound systems for music and movies, lawn mowers, snow blowers, sirens, even traffic, etc. Our lives are cluttered with noise!


So, what can we do about it? Just be hearing health conscious!  Turn down the volume. Keep a pair of earplugs on hand.  These little things will give you the extra protection you need to keep your hearing healthy.  And if you suspect hearing loss, get it checked without delay.


CaptionCall is an ambassador for hearing health and an advocate for people with hearing loss.  CaptionCall encourages people everywhere to actively manage their hearing health through regular hearing evaluations, and to seek early treatment when hearing loss is identified.  CaptionCall is committed to helping people with hearing loss stay socially engaged for a longer, happier, healthier life.


Written By John Apgar, Marketing Coordinator


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30 Comments on “How old were you when you first noticed your hearing loss?

  1. I was born with nerve deafness; got my first aid when I was 7. Hated it even though I knew it was a lifesaver. Remember coming home after getting it, and being totally amazed that I could hear my brothers playing outside! Hearing has steadily decreased over the years to where I am ‘legally deaf’ but still wear two aids with fairly good support.

  2. I just want to say a big thank you for the phone. I can now see what people are saying by reading the caption. I notice at work my hearing was going and I now have lost 70 % in one ear and 60 % in the other ear. this phone has made my life much better.


  3. I’ve suffered hearing loss at a very young age and I myself have to live in a low income community because I couldn’t keep up with the average human with good ears, it’s been a extra hard life for me in the past thanks to captioncall people that made my life a little easier.

  4. About age three, strep throat destroyed in ear drums in both ears and the three amplifying bones that connect to eardrum and some mastoid damage. It does this very quickly, in less than 24 hours. Always used a hearing aid, behind one ear. Woke up September 3rd, 2017 with no hearing, a reason to get the Caption Phone, though it would have been helpful years before, but not absolutely necessary, as it is at this point. I had no cold or warning. I have not gotten the hang of retrieving a recording of a call after pressing the button for that during the call. Would be nice if Caption Call had a digital recorder within the unite, to record a message (1 to 20 minutes-30 minutes before full an then a message that says message recorder is full. I realize a secondary regular phone system with a recorder can be used with the Caption Phone, but such an arrangement adds another complexity.

  5. This is a great service for those with hearing problems. I hate it that I can hear the sounds but often can not make out what the word is. This is very frustrating because I feel that I miss out on a lot because of this. It is nice to be able to read the words on the phone and on t.v. so you can keep up with what is being talked about.

  6. I was 6 years old & had 2 childhood diases right together run 104 tempt but didnt need hearing aids untill i was about 20 & wore them untill i was 48 & hearing aids didnt help day i received a guide book from my son in Georgia & it had this story about this man who had a Colonear implant,i took that book to my DR. & he called Medicare & was told they would pay for it.only thing i had to go to Dallas but i had two wonderful daughters that their boss let them off to take me each time.on November 9th of 2001 i had this wonderful Surgery & i still go out in the yard just to hear the birds sing.The very first sound i heard that i had never heard in my life was the CRANE flying above. that was a beautful sound.& the surgery wasnt painful at all.

  7. I was about 20 when I noticed my hearing wasn’t what it should be, but I was diagnosed with otosclerosis. I had an uncle who became deaf at a young age for the same reason.

  8. I lost my hearing at the age of 4 years. It took until the fourth grade for a teacher to understand why I sometimes did not respond to a question or directions. Attended the Oregon State School for the Deaf the next year and returned to the fifth grade in the public school the following year. Wore hearing aids from that point on. I am 75 years with BSEE and MBA. Cochlear implant two years ago. That is a fabulous instrument!

  9. Well I’ll was 5 year old when I learn I have hearing loss and age of 14 r 15 year old I started wearing hearing aid .So I’ll Wear hearing-aids in left ear and also wear cochlear implant in right ear .It powerful I can hear it.but sometime I can’t understand the word .Also I read lip .

  10. My life has changed for the better since I have my new phone. If I can’t understand the person I can look on my screen. It is absolutely wonderful.

  11. I was in the 4th grade when my teacher realized that I probably had a hearing loss. The doctors said more than likely I was born with the loss. I am enjoying my phone. It has made a world of difference to me. I am not surprised that people in their 20’s are suffering hearing loss. They subject their ears to this music that is so loud it causes vibrations in my body when they go by on the road and I am inside my house!! It is only going to get worse. Probably a good time to buy stock in a hearing aid company!

  12. I was in my late teens when I discovered my problem understanding words. Later things got worse because of loud noises at work and in the outside environment. Now I wear a Cochlear implant. I am thankful for the caption phone and tell everyone that has a hearing loss about it.

  13. I was 35 when I notice I have hearing loss and eventually got worse. The interesting subject is this problem
    runs in my family with this order. My grandmother had the same hearing loss and so did my mother.I have notice if the first child of the mother with hearing loss is a girl she would loss her hearing loss eventually this heritage goes on. For example my grandmother was the first child who happened to be a girl had hearing loss and so did my mother and I have too!
    The interesting is the rest of the children have normal hearing.I have three sons and thank God all have normal hearing. My mother had a sister (second child of my grandmother) who had normal hearing and her first child is a girl with normal hearing. I wish some Audiologist researches about this strange heritage and let me know.what is the cause. Also all of us with hearing loss hear experience sound in our ears all the time with different strength!.

  14. I was 25 wheb I found out I had some hearing lose. Got hearing aids when 33. Fortunatly they have been making better hearing aid. I am 83 and have been considering cochlear implant,but wonder if it is worth .

    1. It is so worth it, Jane Matthews! I was very hard of hearing, then deaf for 60 years. Had the cochlear implant in 2002 and it is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I’m now 77. Go for it!!

      1. I am 73 and have been wearing hearing aids for over 40 yrs. I also have thought about the implant. Being my aids just do not seem to be doing the job much anymore. I always make everyone repeat

  15. I was 49 years old when I had my first audiogram. I purchased my first pair of analog ITC hearing aids about 6 years later. How wonderful to NOW hear birds sing, rain on the roof and a whisper during a concert. Then I decided to upgrade and purchase a pair of digital ITC hearing aids. Been wearing these wonderful helpers for over 25 years. I have my caption call telephone right near my computer. It is very helpful when I communicate on the telephone. I’ll consider a cochlear implant when my hearing aids no longer serve a purpose for me.

  16. I have really enjoyed my Caption Call phone. It has helped me so very much. I lost my hearing in 2014 from a fall. I fell on the back of my head. As a result I lost my hearing, smell, and taste. I have a dear friend who is Japanese, who calls me often, and with her accent, I have a very hard time to understand her. By the way, so does the helper on the other end of the phone. Many times she writes, “can’t understand, ” and I truely know what she means. However, she (or he) picks up words that I do not so it helps me very much just to have a word or two to know what she is talking about. We have been friends for 46 years. When I could hear, I could get more of her words, but with hearing aids, sometimes that is not possible. Thank you very much for all your help. It is truely appreciated.

  17. I don’t remember when I lost my hearing , it was so gradual. I have tinnitus and finally realized that I was not comprehending what was being said to me . I have hearing aids now and they do help , , although I find that people either mumble or talk too fast.
    I love my CaptionCall phone and many times they also express ,person speaking inaudible so I have decideded it not just being hearing impaired but also speaking more clearly that is necessary!
    My husband also is hearing impaired and we would be lost without our CaptionCall phone! We are so grateful for this service , thank you so much.

  18. When I was in maybe 2 or 3 grades when find out that I has a hearing loss but didn’t get a hearing aids until I was a teenage went to Cave Springs, GA for a hearing test and got me a hearing aids for on and off I wore my hearing aids and I didn’t like them at all because my so friends and some family won’t talk to me well anyway now has to wear my hearing aids full time now hearing gotting worse still hate them but anyway thank to my Caption phone can understand people it help me a lots.

  19. Total left ear deafness resulted from measles at age 3, after which I learned coping mechanisms, like always standing on the left side of people. Asking teachers to allow me to sit in front at school and unconsciously learned to lip read. At age 40 developed Minere’s Syndrome in the right ear which destroyed half of remaining hearing and I began to use a hearing aid always upgrading as new technology appeared, most recently using BiCross hearing aids at age 67. And of course Caption Call. Without the blessing of technology I would have been unemployable since age forty withdrawn into my home isolated

  20. I have had hearing loss all of my life. I have about 30% hearing in my left ear and I have Cochlear implant in my right ear. I am very happy for those that the Cochlear implant has helped, for some it is magnificent. For me the implant helps but if I loss the hearing in left ear, I would not be able to understand 95% of the sounds around me.

    The Caption Call phone really helps.


  22. Although in retrospect I can see I have had a hearing loss for a long time, I never realized it, or even accepted it, until I went to court reporting school when I was in my 40s. The instructor told me I needed to have my hearing checked. I went to two local doctors, then went to the Shey Clinic in Memphis, TN before I was convinced. Phone conversations were very frustrating before my CaptionCall phone. Now I depend on it.

  23. Within the year of my driving accident (1996), I drove into the back of an agricultural truck without a safety cage on the 5 Freeway in Central Valley of California. I also have Minears Disease with tinnitus and get dizzy when my allergies are active. Surprisingly I can change my neck posture to reduce the tinnitus but it takes a concerted effort. I was in my late 30’s with my first hearing aids and now am 61 years old. (From 1997-2017).

    I love my closed caption. I am fortunate to have it. We changed some settings on our WI FI and I thought it would difficult to restart the closed caption, so I procrastinated for six months, but I finally took a few minutes, and it worked.

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