Maryellen Lain

Master Trainer

Q: Please describe your role in the company and why it is important. 

A: I have the privilege of representing CaptionCall in person with our customers. I install phones and activate service, providing training to customers to ensure they are confident using the captioning service, and provide in-person technical service. In the customer’s home environment, I have the opportunity to get to know a little more about them and adapt to their style of learning. This is an important aspect of the training, so they enjoy the full benefits of the captioning service.

Q: What do you bring to your role that adds value to the company?

A: I utilize different teaching styles to ensure the customer is confident and able to use this valuable service to stay connected to their world. 

Q: What does the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) provide for people who are Deaf and hard-of-hearing? 

A: The ADA provides services so Deaf and hard-of- hearing people can communicate effectively using their form of communication. IP CTS (captioning) is one of these services and provides vital services such as 911 for people who need the support of captions to use the phone effectively. 

Q: Please describe how regulations (the government rules) impact what we do as a company.

A: CaptionCall is an IP CTS (captioning) provider that is compensated from a federal fund. Therefore, we are accountable to adhere to all Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations concerning IP CTS services. As regulations change, we must promptly and accurately adapt in order to continue providing a pivotal service for our customers.

Q: What is the greatest challenge you have overcome – or are still overcoming – in your work?

A: Sometimes, the challenge is thinking outside of the box, finding a unique approach in training so the customer is at ease, comfortable, and confident.

Q: What is the best part of your work?

A: Being able to build relationships with customers, their families, and the opportunity to enrich and make a difference in people’s lives.