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Marketing with CaptionCall

As a hearing care professional who recommends CaptionCall to your eligible patients, you may choose to use CaptionCall in your customer education, outreach, marketing, and other communications materials.

Offering the complimentary CaptionCall phone and service to your eligible customers allows you to:

  • Empower patients to use the phone again with confidence
  • Build patient loyalty by solving a serious problem in their lives
  • Re-engage with your tested, not-sold patients
  • Share a proven solution with patients who need captions in addition to amplification in order to use the telephone effectively
  • Professional certification of hearing loss and the need for captions to use the telephone effectively is required to receive the CaptionCall captioning service and phone at no cost.
  • CaptionCall is a captioning service that uses a live captioning agent and advanced voice recognition technology to generate captions of what the user’s callers say.
  • CaptionCall is certified by the FCC to provide captioned telephone service.
  • Funding for CaptionCall service is based on an assessment paid by telephone communications companies. These companies often pass this cost along to telephone subscribers in the form of a surcharge.
  • The offer of a complimentary CaptionCall phone or captioning service cannot be tied to any other offer or program.
  • When you offer CaptionCall, you must explain the eligibility requirements.

Required disclaimer

Each time you use CaptionCall in your customer-facing communications, the FCC requires you use this disclaimer:

“To qualify for CaptionCall, a hearing-care professional must certify the individual has a hearing loss that requires captions to use the phone effectively.”

Your communications must make clear there are eligibility requirements to be met in order to receive and use a CaptionCall phone. Strict adherence to the eligibility standards is enforced.

Important info to know

As a professional who recommends CaptionCall to your patients, there are several important things you should know and help your patients understand:

Marketing support from CaptionCall

You may use CaptionCall products and logos in your marketing communication efforts. Photos and logo files are found on our Media Resources page. You may also use CaptionCall videos from our Video Library.

If you are not already sharing CaptionCall with your patients, request information today! Once you sign up, your local representative will reach out to you and provide you with the necessary training and resources.

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