Retirement and seniority are an excellent opportunity to leave some of the humdrum of daily life behind and truly experience the joys of travel.

Though you are the only person who can truly determine your limits, it’s reassuring to know some travel destinations can be more senior-friendly than others in terms of activity level, climate, and affordability.

Below are some travel destinations for seniors that CaptionCall recommends for seniors and retirees looking to explore the world!

Note: As a word of caution, even as COVID-19 winds downward, please be mindful of the local policies and regulations of the places you visit. Some locations may still require you to quarantine before you begin your vacation, so research and be sure to factor these considerations into your plans.



As the geographically largest state in the United States, Alaska is remarkably diverse in scenery and wildlife. Even if you don’t feel like a particularly capable explorer, many cruise lines skirt the coast of Alaska, allowing you a comfortable means of seeing the breathtaking vistas this state has to offer.


Key West, Florida
Key West, Florida.

We know it borders on cliché to suggest elders enjoy Florida. But Florida is a popular destination for good reason! The weather is beautiful with a delightful subtropical climate, there’s a rich and vibrant culture with centuries of history, and Florida is relatively inexpensive in comparison to similar destinations. We’ve listed some of the many wonderful destinations within Florida many seniors enjoy.

  • Miami Beach: A beautiful island city with Art Deco architecture, warm beaches, spas, delicious restaurants, and no shortage of activities and entertainment.
  • St. Augustine: The oldest city in America, settled in 1565. Cobblestone streets, spectacular Spanish colonial architecture, and historical landmarks.
  • Key West: The southernmost point of the continental United States. Amazing pastel-colored homes and impressive coral reefs great for snorkeling and diving. A popular stop for many cruise lines.
  • Disney World: A classic vacation spot with a little something for people of all age groups. You don’t have to be into thrill rides to get your money’s worth here.

California Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway in California.

Much like its Atlantic cousin Florida, California is a perennial favorite for those looking for warm weather, beautiful scenery, and a variety of entertainment and sight-seeing.

The California Pacific Coast Highway boasts 655 miles of scenic views stretching north from around San Clemente all the way up past Rockport. Take in the beauty of the coastline — and stop at will for the various attractions along the way.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam.

Although gambling and nightlife likely come to mind when you think of Las Vegas, you can still have a great time here even if making a bet and partying doesn’t appeal to you. Just outside the city you can take in the engineering marvel that is the Hoover Dam, explore nature through Red Rock Canyon, or raft on the Black Canyon River. If you’re in an intellectual or cultural mood, you can try out the many museums in the area, such as the Neon Museum or the Bellagio Conservatory and Fine Art Gallery. The possibilities for entertainment of all sorts are endless in Las Vegas.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Independence Hall
Independence Hall.

Apart from being a city brimming with American history, Philadelphia is remarkably dense when it comes to cultural and entertainment destinations. Philadelphia sports an impressive collection of museums, including the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Benjamin Franklin Museum, and many others. Take in the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, or the Historic District. You can even shop in one of the oldest public marketplaces in the United States, the Reading Terminal Market, which hasn’t closed since opening its doors in 1892. You can also check out the Philadelphia Mint, where more than half of the nation’s coins are created. Philadelphia truly is a history buff’s dream.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is a scenic and flourishing community with a surprising number of activities for all ages. Surrounded by stunning red rock formations and beautiful desert landscapes, you could spend time communing with nature if you’re feeling particularly outdoorsy or hit one of the city’s many golf courses. If you’d prefer more relaxation, you could tour local art galleries, join a wine tasting, or spend a day being pampered at a local day spa.

Rivers of Central Europe

Rhine River
Rhine River.

Want to explore the beauty and history of Europe’s most scenic vistas from the comfort of a luxury cruise? Take a luxurious trip back in time in the heart of Europe with a European river cruise. A variety of cruise lines offer trips through the idyllic riverscapes of Europe, offering beautiful views of nature, old European architecture, and even castles.


Krabi, Thailand
Krabi, Thailand.

As a neighbor of bustling India, Thailand is a relatively convenient flight destination. In Thailand, you can experience a rich history and culture with delicious food, jaw-dropping architecture, charming floating river markets, and a variety of other leisure activities. And if you’re traveling from the United States, you’ll be happy to know the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Thai baht makes Thailand a much more inexpensive trip compared to other destinations.

Go Explore!

These vacation spots, while still adventurous and mind-opening, are all very senior-friendly. If you have the means, look into one of these great locations for your next trip soon!

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