Did you know that having hearing loss can lead to depression and isolation? Couple that with social distancing due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), and feelings of loneliness and isolation can skyrocket. It is more important than ever to keep mentally active to avoid the depression and anxiety that social isolation can bring. Here are three ways you can stay mentally and socially active right now:

  1. Stay socially connected. Talking to family or catching up with friends is important to staying social connected.
  2. Exercise daily. Doing yoga or stretching can improve balance and mindfulness. Lifting weights, even small ones, and doing some sort of aerobic exercise will help keep the blood pumping.
  3. Do puzzles and play games. Whether you choose to do a traditional puzzle with hundreds of pieces, a word or number puzzle, or even play card or board games, studies have shown that doing so can improve memory and cognition.

Taking the time to connect with others might just be how we all get through this. Find times to laugh, exercise your muscles and brain, and find ways to help others who might be struggling.

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