What Kind of Hearing loss do you have?

February 22, 2017


Starkey has posted a great info graphic explaining the different types of hearing loss. If you have noticed that you have been having trouble hearing things lately, take a moment and visit a hearing health professional. Hearing health professionals are prepared to help you with your specific hearing loss.



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22 Comments on “What Kind of Hearing loss do you have?

  1. I assume that many of your potential readers are us oldsters. Many of us have some sight problems as well as hearing loss. When you select a typeface that is small and has thin light letters it is very difficult to read.
    Sort of printing dark white on light white.

  2. I could not tell you what my hearing problem is because no one has ever said. All I know is that I can’t hear on the phone or if someone is not facing me. My hearing aid guy says there is nothing more they can do for me.
    Each year it gets worse and worse. By another year I will not be able to hear at all. I can’t even see if I can get new hearing aids as I can not afford them. This is sad that there is not help for people how need them and can afford them. I can’t even hear the TV so have to have caption on that also. Thank God for the caption phone with out it I could even talk to people. Hope my eye site doesn’t go next.

  3. I am not sure but I believe it is cochlear. I had a real long bad case of streptococcus when I was 65 and I am now 80. High,high fever. I continually keep losing my hearing. I am now wearing Widex Beyond aids and they are having problems trying to get me to hear well with them, I previousally had there Dream.. The problem is understanding certain words. You know the “I can hear you but I cannot understand you”! Hopefully they can do it. I am afraid of implants that I will lose what little I have.

  4. I am a candidate for coclear implants, but would like to explore the free hearing aids program provided by Starkey. My audiologist suggested that program, as it is too expensive to updates.

  5. I have hearing aids about 5 years old they are not helping anymore and I feel so bad because I’m embarrass
    When people talk to me I don’t understand nothing of what they are saying or asking me it is awful and I’m a senior with lots of health issues,I’m very happy with my caption call phone but when in church or elsewhere
    I feel very depressed for not joining in conversations I wish I could get help with some hearing aids.
    Thanks to my caption call I can hear the calls I get. Thanks you so much for it, God bless you.
    Emma Santillan

  6. Thank you folks for helping us HOH people. I am a 76 y.o. woman and have been steadily losing my hearing for at least 62 years. I was 14 when I was tested and they found I’d lost 25% of my hearing then. It is the sensorineural type and is common in my family. There were 2 uncles, 2 aunts, my mom, my sister, brother, son, 2 of my grandchildren, and numerous cousins.

    When I was much younger, I used to joke that if we lived long enough, we would wind up deaf. Back then, I had no idea how bad my hearing would get. My hearing aids help me to hear, but they don’t help me to understand what is being said. I tell folks that ‘somewhere between my ear and my brain, it gets all scrambled.’ I have pretty much gotten used to it as I can lipread fairly well. I thank God for closed captioning on the TV, and ESPECIALLY thank HIM for my captioned phone! GOD BLESS YOU PEOPLE!!!

  7. Heridatory nerve deafness. I have it, my sister has it, and my son started showing signs of it in his 30’s. I was recommended for a cochlear implant. No thanks. After reading blogs, I don’t want surgery and still end up wearing yet another hearing aid.

  8. I have worn hear aids for about 40 years, I am now 87. Sometimes my ears itch and hurt a bit, any suggestions?

  9. My hearing loss is in the range of the human voice. I can hear someone talking but am unable to understand all the words. I’ve worn hearing aids since I was I was in my early 20’s.

  10. I do have your Caption Call Phone and it is a Life-Saver, I love mine, I have a extensive hearing loss and also
    I have trouble with highpitch and lowpitch sounds. The Close Caption really helps me to read what people are saying and to be able to answer them correctly without having them to keep repeating. I wish I could have had mine years ago. I find it easy to use and to set up. Thank you for helping me.
    Sarah Pleasants

  11. I have profound hearing loss. Due to Miniere’s Disease. I have a Starky hearing aid but it now doesn’t seem to be best for me.Just can’t afford the one I need, Beltone. Why do I have to dial 1 before a local number before the call can go through? Thank you for you answer! Sincerely, Audrey

  12. I’ve been wearing a hearing aide for about two years now and I think I understand that the guarantee/warrantee is about to expire. My insurance will only pay $250.00 per ear. This does not include examinations. The total cost for my hearing aides is around $5,000 and the warrantee is good for only two years. This is insane, so there are days when I’m in Church or another place and I’m self left out of a conversation or lesson. Thank God for my Caption Phone. I was beyond excited when I found out that the phone is free of charge. I cannot use cell phones. They have multiple issues that affect my hearing. I found the installer, and all representatives of Caption to be very courteous and professional. They really care! Thank you Caption. YN

  13. I have nerve deafness passed on to me from my mom. I have worn hearing aides since I was 35. I am now 57. My son and daughter have both inherited it from me unfortunately. I would be LOST without my CaptionCall phone. My audiologist got me one for my home and my office. I LOVE it at work!!!!! I am able to see what people are saying and it especially helps me when writing down phone numbers. No longer have to have them repeat MANY times!!!!! If I can’t hear them I always tell them I am using a CaptionCall phone and reading their responses so there will be a slight delay in the time they speak, it appears on my screen and I read it. People have been EXTREMELY understanding about my hearing problem. I wouldn’t be able to work without my CaptionCall phone. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!! You have helped to make me more functional.

  14. I was exposed to 120 decibal alarm system and I have sensorineural hearing loss. What I have noticed is that when there are spaces between the words, I can hear what is being said. Also the Call Caption is of wonderful assistance to hear what is being said on the phone. Thank you. I hope that someday someone will invent a word spacer for an hearing aide. It would need to accommodate spacing and rhythm of speech. It seems that each persons rhythm and spacing for comprehension is different so we would need to be able to set the aide to our own need.

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