HLAA In Our Backyard

June 16, 2017


Several years ago I visited some CaptionCall customers in New York. This was one of the first trips I made in my efforts to better understand people using captions to communicate over the phone. My first visit was to the home of a woman who related to me her journey to discover options that would address her communication needs in a variety of situations. Over the course of years, she sought help from her primary care doctor and from a series of hearing care professionals. She recounted how her feelings of isolation and discouragement grew as time passed. The professionals she reached out to seemed unable to provide  solutions that made a real difference for her. Fortunately, she stumbled across the local chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) and attended a meeting. That meeting and the subsequent outpouring of support and information changed her life. She found in HLAA practical and effective solutions, references to excellent professional advisors, and above all, a group of people who understood her situation and willingly offered their friendship.

That was my first exposure to the power of HLAA and since then I’ve enjoyed working with the staff in their national office as well as people in local chapters. Without exception, these are excellent people who give their time, expertise and passion to representing the interests of anyone experiencing a hearing loss.


Next week, CaptionCall is excited to have the annual HLAA national convention here in Salt Lake City, right in our backyard. In addition to being the Presenting Sponsor, CaptionCall employees will be out in force at the convention and around town to meet, greet and assist attendees as our guests.  We’ve pulled out all the stops to organize the biggest party we’ve ever thrown. It will prove to be a Wild West adventure that won’t soon be forgotten. All of this effort is our way of saying to HLAA and it’s members that we admire and support their work. We’re proud to be affiliated with HLAA, both the leadership and members. With so many individuals experiencing the challenges attendant to hearing loss, HLAA’s importance and influence will continue to grow.


For more information about HLAA, you can visit their website (hearingloss.org), or drop in to their convention. We’ll be glad you came.


Written By Bruce Peterson, Vice President of Marketing


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