When you aren’t available to accept a call, the CaptionCall captioned phone is equipped with a voicemail system so you never miss important communications. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of playing, saving, and deleting voicemails on a CaptionCall phone.

If you have further questions about your CaptionCall phone, watch the captioned phone user video How to Play, Save, and Delete Your Voicemail Messages on a CaptionCall Phone.

About the CaptionCall Voicemail System

When you miss a call, you can use the CaptionCall voicemail system in three ways to keep up with your phone messages:

  • Play voicemails: To play any voicemail message, you must first hang up your captioned phone. Then, select the play option, which appears on the front of the device. Next, select either the name or number of the message that you would like to play from the options that appear on the touch screen. Be sure not to pick up the handset while playing any voicemail message to ensure you hear the voicemail audio from the phone’s speaker.
  • Relax knowing that the CaptionCall voicemail system automatically saves all voicemail messages until you permanently delete them.
  • Delete voicemails: To delete a voicemail message, select the delete option, which appears on the left side of the touchscreen, while the voicemail message is playing. Then, select the delete option in the popup box, which appears in the middle of the touchscreen.


This captioned phone user guide explains all you need to know about playing, saving, and deleting your voicemail messages. We hope that knowing how to use your captioned phone correctly will heighten your enjoyment in communicating with others and boost your confidence in answering and making phone calls!

If you still have unanswered questions regarding the functions of your captioned phone, contact customer support at 1-877-557-2227 or email CaptionCall at support@captioncall.com.