The CaptionCall phone and service allows you to better connect with your loved ones over the phone again, helping you to feel more in touch with your life. Better yet, our CaptionCall service is available at absolutely no cost to people with hearing loss who need captioning to use the phone effectively. If you qualify, fill out the form now.

While there are alternatives that offer similar assistance, we are the biggest and best option available. Here are some reasons you should choose CaptionCall.

CaptionCall is Your Advocate!

Since day one, CaptionCall has been an advocate for people with hearing loss, serving as the driving force behind enabling easy, no-cost access to captioned telephone services. When we came on the scene in 2011, we convinced the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that our revolutionary new phone and service should be made available at NO COST to qualified individuals as part of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Finally, people who needed captioning service but could not afford our competitors’ prices could enjoy the ability of effectively using the phone again. This rocked the industry!

We Roll Out the Red Carpet to Serve You

At CaptionCall, we pride ourselves on our world-class, renowned red-carpet service. From the moment you contact us—and for the rest of your life—we’ll take care of you.

CaptionCall Trainer

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Free Delivery: We personally bring the CaptionCall phone to your home, and when we do, we wear PPE because we’re dedicated to the safety of both you and our staff.
  • Free Installation: We will connect your phone and ensure it works properly.
  • Free, Personalized Training: Our professional representatives are selected because they are friendly and patient; they are ready to give you hands-on instruction, answer any questions you may have, and show you how to make the most of your CaptionCall service.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Any time you have questions about your phone or service, we’re here to help; you can reach our customer support any time by phone or email.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We do everything we can to make your experience positive because if you’re not happy with your service, we aren’t either. If you’re not satisfied with CaptionCall for any reason, you can return the phone at no cost.

We Connect Families and Our Customers Love Us

Our very purpose is to help people reconnect with life, a hugely important endeavor that places customer experience central to our operations as we strive to offer the best service we possibly can.

And it shows: Everyone loves us, from referring hearing healthcare providers to veterans to families who can connect again.

CaptionCall Testimonials

We’re 100% In-House

CaptionCall is an American company: The efforts of our technicians—who design the phone and its features—our trainers—who deliver, install, and train customers on our phones—and finally, our captioning agents—who are your helpers in delivering the fastest, most accurate captioning available—are all kept in-house.

Unprecedented Audio Excellence

The CaptionCall phone is the only captioned telephone that meets the strict amplification standards for people with hearing loss established by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA-4953). We also meet TIA standard for hearing aid compatibility and reduced interference (TIA-1083), offering an unmatched audio experience. To further support your needs, captioning provides the support you need to use the phone effectively; however, if amplification is enough, you can disable captioning should you so desire for any reason.

CaptionCall Phone

CaptionCall is only for people with hearing loss that necessitates the use of the captioning service.

Unmatched Captioning Service

CaptionCall captioning is fast and smooth! With our patented SilkScroll® technology, you don’t have to wait for large blocks of text to appear like you do with other captioning services; your caller’s text appears on the screen in almost real-time, providing a remarkably smooth flow of captions and easy reading on the phone screen.

Our captioning is also extremely accurate! CaptionCall uses the latest speech-recognition technology and experienced Captioning Agents to ensure you receive the fastest, most accurate captioning service available. That means there is a live agent listening to only your caller’s side of the conversation and correcting any errors the technology might miss to ensure you have a positive, enriching experience.

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Save Transcriptions of Your Calls

With the CaptionCall phone and service, you don’t ever have to worry about missing a word or forgetting what you were told in a phone conversation: You can save your captioned conversation for as long as you need and refer to it later. That means no more hustling to grab a pen and paper to hold up a conversation, making it ideal for recording your doctor’s or medical professional’s instructions, appointment information, times and addresses, or anything else you might need to keep for later reference.

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Convenience and Ease-of-use on Your Hearing Loss Journey

Once you qualify, we bring the CaptionCall phone to you, teach you how to use it, and are afterward ready and available to support you 24/7. In addition, you can now conveniently take the CaptionCall service with you wherever you go by downloading the CaptionCall Mobile App, available on your Apple iPhone and Android device.

Helping yourself with hearing loss has never been easier or more convenient: Right now, you can self-certify our hearing loss without visiting a doctor, so you can get the CaptionCall phone and service faster than ever before and then further use it on the go with CaptionCall Mobile.

Life is calling. Stop avoiding the phone and get your independence back with CaptionCall. Download the CaptionCall Mobile app in the Apple Store, Google Play Store, or request your phone and service today.