Hearing loss can sneak up on us in many forms. With the summer months upon us, we may have concerts, air shows, or other potentially fun yet loud events in our future. When it comes to these and other loud outdoor activities we shouldn’t let the fear of hearing loss prevent us from having a good time. An article from People Hearing Better discussed a recent study on the effectiveness of earplugs. The study involved a four hour long concert with two groups, one using ear plugs and one without. “The study tested the amount of temporary threshold shift (TTS) that participants experienced since this indicates the amount of pressure put on the ears during the noisy event. The results showed that only 8% of participants who used earplugs had a significant temporary threshold shift (TTS) while 42% of people who used no ear protection had a TTS. In addition 12% of earplug users experienced tinnitus compared with 40% of the people in the unprotected group. ”Loud noises can do serious harm to our hearing. Taking steps at any stage of our lives to help preserve our hearing should be a priority. No matter what fun we have planned ear plugs are a simple way to keep our ears in shape. The article goes on to discuss ear plugs and ways to safely use them.

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