As the winter months settle in, it’s important to remember to protect your ears. Cold and wet weather can increase the risk for ear infections, lead to a condition called ‘surfers ear’, and also potentially damage your hearing aids. Keeping your ears and hearing instruments warm and dry are essential when it comes to healthy hearing. Here are some suggested do’s and don’ts on how to care for your ears in cold weather:

  • DO keep your ears warm and dry by wearing protective headwear, like a hat, earmuffs or headband.
  • DON’T put any cotton in your ears. Doing so could result in an inflamed ear canal that can be painful.
  • DON’T disregard an ear infection. If you feel any pain, it is recommended that you see your physician or ENT specialist sooner rather than later to avoid any serious damage.

For those who wear hearing aids:

  • Be aware of cold conditions and always have spare batteries handy.
  • NEVER dry your hearing equipment with a heater or lighter. You can warm up your batteries in your pocket or a closed hand.
  • Drying containers used to keep your hearing aids dry are available from hearing care professionals.

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