Help a Friend!

Do you have a friend with hearing loss that needs telephone captions? Do your friend a favor, let them know CaptionCall can help. Just fill out the form and we will start a conversation with them.

CaptionCall Phone Service

The CaptionCall phone and service displays captions on a large, easy-to-read screen. Using CaptionCall is easy – you dial and answer calls just like you always have. Plus, CaptionCall is the most recommended captioned telephone solutions by hearing-care professionals.

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How CaptionCall Works

CaptionCall, is specifically designed for people with hearing loss, offers real-time captions of your phone calls.

Why Refer CaptionCall?

CaptionCall delivers more captioning phones in the country than any other provider. And for good reason!
When you choose CaptionCall, you choose the technology and team that will help you connect with life.

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True no-cost telephone captioning

CaptionCall does not charge for the phone, captioning service, delivery, or any form of customer support. We are an FCC-authorized service provider and we make it possible for people with qualified hearing loss to participate in this federal program.

Top-notch phone and captioning technology

A CaptionCall phone makes conversations better thanks to our amazing captioning technology. No other phone has SilkScroll technology for smooth, real-time captioning. We consistently improve performance with outstanding audio processing and customizable volume control.

Exceptional customer service

CaptionCall customer satisfaction scores rank alongside the world’s best-known brands. And for good reason, we do not farm out work to third parties. Our staff is known as much for their friendly personalities as their exceptional skills. And from our initial Red-Carpet Service to on-going captioning service, you will always receive outstanding attention.