He Finally Got His Hearing Checked

March 29, 2017



You may have read an article about my father, his hearing loss, and my plea to him to get his hearing checked. If you haven’t read that article here’s the link, https://captioncall.com/1969-2/.

Now that you’re all caught up, I’m happy to say my dad went to get his hearing checked. I think my mother finally got to him. I always knew my mother was in charge. I’m so thrilled my dad has taken steps to getting his hearing checked and to get hearing aids.

Maybe you are like my dad and had/have some hesitations about getting your hearing checked. I know how hearing loss affected my father and it can’t be easy. After my dad went through the process of getting his hearing checked, I thought I would ask him some questions. I wanted to get a better understanding of his experience with hearing loss and the evaluation process. Here is our little Q&A:

Q: What made you want to finally get your hearing checked?

A: The difficulty communicating with your mother was the primary reason I finally moved forward to get my hearing checked and get hearing aids.  But, I also noticed that I was having increasing difficulty at work, church and in other aspects of life as well.  Combined, it was clear I had to do something because the hearing loss was starting to have a big impact in so many areas of my life.


Q: How were your hearing evaluation results?

A: The audiologist reported that my hearing loss was causing me to only hear about half the English alphabet under normal hearing conditions.  This obviously was the biggest reason for my difficulty in understanding the speech of others and constantly having to ask people to repeat themselves.


Q: Did you think your hearing was that bad?

A: NO, I didn’t think it was that bad.


Q: How were you fairing with this degree of hearing loss and do you think it made a difference in your daily life?

A: I was beginning to understand clearly that I was missing much of what others were saying and I that I was having to ask people to repeat themselves frequently.  During casual conversations, I would sometimes not have any idea what the person said and I would just nod and move on.  This is obviously not a good way to communicate with people.


Q: Is communicating difficult with hearing loss?

A: As my hearing loss became worse, there were situations where I could not hear others at all.  This was especially true in loud areas such as restaurants or other areas where there were large gatherings of people or frequent background noises.


Q: How did you communicate with hearing loss?

A: I asked “what” a lot or frankly just didn’t know what people said at times.


Q: What was your experience like going to the audiologist?

A: The audiologist was very professional and broke down my hearing loss in a way that made it clear just what I wasn’t hearing anymore.  That is when I realized that my hearing loss was worse than I had anticipated.


Q: Do you wish you would’ve gone sooner, and are you happy you finally went?

A: Of course….but I am happy I finally completed the process.  I am now awaiting a fitting for hearing aids in the next few weeks.


Q: Are you excited about hearing aids and the prospect of hearing?

A: I wouldn’t say I am excited right now, but if they work I will be delighted.


Q: How do you think this will affect your overall communication experience?

A: Being able to hear others clearly the first time will make life easier in almost every setting I find myself.  I am looking forward to that.


Q: Do you have any comments for people thinking about getting their hearing check or for anyone struggling with hearing loss themselves?

A: I would just recommend making the appointment with a hearing-care professional to see how you’re doing.  I knew I could hear, but I obviously don’t hear well enough for everyday communication in a normal environment.


My dad said it best, make an appointment with a hearing-care professional. They will talk to you about steps to prevent further loss or help treat current hearing loss. They are the experts, and they want to help. I understand the hesitations. It took my dad a long time to decide seeing an audiologist was right for him. After talking to him I’m glad he did and it’s clear that he’s happy he did as well.

I’m excited for my dad too. My parents live in Memphis, TN and I live in Salt Lake City, UT.  Talking to him on the phone is my primary means of communication. It’s hard at times when he can’t hear me. I know when he gets his hearing aids it will be easier for us. It’ll be great to have him hear everything I say to him again. Then again, he is still my dad… maybe only most of what I say.

I definitely want him to hear this; I love you dad!


Written By Christopher Frakes, Marketing Assistant


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9 Comments on “He Finally Got His Hearing Checked

  1. Hearing aids turn up the volume – but you still don’t hear some of the sound differences; it’s not the answer kids are looking for for their parents. It’s somewhat better but not THE answer. You have to slow down your sentences, talk louder and look directly at the person you’re talking to! It’s tough to hear correctly in crowds no matter what! Not sold on hearing aids ARE THE ANSWER!!!!!

    1. You are right. Hearing aids help, however they make every think louder. In a crowded room it is almost impossible to have a conversation. I love my hearing aids, but they don’t replace normal hearing.7

    2. There is some truth to this statement but I have to ask “aren’t your loved ones worth making an effort for”?

    3. I was thinking the exact same thing when I read this article. I hate to think this boy will be disappointed. Hearing aids help me a great deal but I still can’t get my sister to speak a little louder or face me when she speaks. Both her and my son get frustrated with me but the problem really lies with them!! They think I should be able to hear perfectly with hearing aids but instead they should realize that they don’t and accommodate for that.

  2. There is hearing impairment in my maternal side of the family for a few generations. I use hearing aides on both ears but sadly when I am in a place such as church or where there are many people I just don’t do well. I am grateful that I have a phone that helps me to hear and read at the same time when at home. That is a plus and do thank you for the gift of a phone.

  3. Dear dp of April 19th
    If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of your hearing aids, you NEED to have your audiologist check them and see if she can tweak their effectiveness. Some adjustments work wonders. This has been my experience after 40 years of several different pairs of aids. But , there are always persons who don’t speak clearly or slowly enough to be easily understood the first time. Getting the persons attention first prior to conversation is also a huge help as focus aides understanding.

  4. Hearing aids are a blessing (for one thing, when you don’t want to hear the tv but would rather read, you can take them out 😊, but they do make hearing in theaters, restaurants, groups better. It isn’t always perfect, however. AND if people do not look at you, or holler from another room, or talk with their backs to you, they won’t do any good. Speakers must slow down, speak to your face, speak clearly, etc. and then hearing aids make communication possible – and that is a huge blessing. Another HUGE blessing is Caption Phone and you will soon know that even people with excellent hearing who caption for you often cannot understand fast speech, especially when the speaker is not a native speaker of your native language and that should boost your self confidence 😊

  5. It was great when I finally goy my hearing checked but you are very correct in your article. I, too, must look at the person speaking to me to pick up what they are saying and I still miss part of it.
    CaptionCall is terrific. It is the only way I hear people on the phone correctly. My Audiologist called them for me and got it all set up. Thanks CaptionCall for this service. It is grrrrreat!!!!!!!
    If you are not aware of CaptionCall tqalk to your Audiologist and they can call to have it set up for you. It is paid for by the government; there is absolutely no cost to you. It is a plain black phone and as people talk to you their conversation come across a window that you read as they speak and you will know if you heard them correctly. Wonderful service if you can’t hear well. Check it out.

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