Meet Our Team

We are committed to delivering critical communication services to our customers every day. Here, we feature some of our employees who discuss the importance of their work.

Featured Employees

Scott Larsen

Employee Profile Scott Larsen
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"We are focused on finding individuals that need CaptionCall to use the telephone effectively."

Sarah Taft

Employee Profile Sarah Taft
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"I am lucky to work with such great people – in my management staff, my employees, and our customer base!"

Ann Bardsley

Employee Profile Ann Bardsley
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"I enjoy telling our story about how we develop and provide trusted services and technologies that deliver exceptional communication experiences for our customers."

Matthew Gibbens

Employee Profile Matthew Gibbens
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"I view the importance of my job in a simple statement: ’How can I make your job better/easier?’ "

Dani McLelland

Employee Profile Dani McLelland
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"My teams show up every day and hustle hard to ensure they're taking care of every customer who calls in."

Thom Stringham

Employee Profile Thom Stringham
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"I am focused on providing the best customer experience possible for our existing and new customers."

Brandi Connolly

Employee Profile Brandi Connolly
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"I just want to help more people learn about the services our company provides so more faces can light up!"

Brent Landes

Employee Profile Brent Landes
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"I love being a part of something that truly impacts others' lives for the better and that is what we specialize in here at CaptionCall."

Blake Schapiro

Employee Profile Blake Schapiro
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"In my role as a compliance specialist, I provide our marketing and outreach teams the information and tools they need to remain compliant with FCC regulations."

Georganne Hassell

Employee Profile Georganne Hassell
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"My years of experience working with news media and preparing interview subjects to share their expertise helps the company reach the broader public with timely, accurate information."

Kerry Brown

Employee Profile Kerry Brown
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"The best part of my job is the people who work here. I hope everyone understands what a great team and culture we have."

Elaine Chambers

Employee Profile Elaine Chambers
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"Helping others is probably what I love the most. It is fulfilling to know a process really well and then be able to explain it to others so they understand it."

Ryne M. Vogel

Employee Profile Ryne Vogel
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"We truly do solve real problems for real people. Just knowing that I am even a small part of that is very rewarding."

Chellena Ellis Faure

Employee Profile Chellena Ellis Faure
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"This position provides an avenue to build staffing capabilities to support hiring needs while having an integrated focus on career progression, culture, and compensation. "

Steven Rippley

Employee Profile Steven Rippley
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"All of our customers have had full and fascinating lives which they love to tell people about – and I love to hear about. "

Evelyn Hodges

Employee Profile Evelyn Hodges
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"I feel my role is important to ensure we have standardized and up-to-date training materials for the sales and outreach employees…"

Tyler Inkley

Employee Profile Tyler Inkley
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"I focus on managing performance, strategic decision making, as well as the hiring and development of our center leadership."

Dana Apruzzese

Employee Profile Dana Apruzzese
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"I think the most important thing that the ADA provides is independence and freedom. People with hearing loss no longer need to rely on others to make phone calls."

Jason Dunn

Employee Profile Jason Dunn
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"I believe in functional equivalence. Everybody should have a right to communicate in a similar manner. "

Cameron Tingey

Employee Profile Cameron Tingey
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"The best part of my work is the customer base we serve and the people I get to work with. This job is incredibly rewarding, given the way we change lives."

Heidi Kraus

Employee Profile Heidi Kraus
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"We can provide a valuable service to people who are eligible for our services who might not otherwise be able to afford an amazing resource like CaptionCall."

Paul Kershisnik

Employee Profile Paul Kershisnik
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"What we do, as marketers, is important because the cumulative impact of our various marketing efforts is to make sure all our customer-facing activities, from all departments, are consistent with our respective brand identity."

Brian O'Flaherty

Employee Profile Brian O'Flaherty
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"Patience, empathy, and the ability to relate to most people I meet. I never rush a job with a customer ‐ I give them the time that they need. I take time to learn about the customer and relate to them."

Brian Breinholt

Employee Profile Brian Breinholt
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"I am responsible for ensuring the company has the programs and processes in place to attract, develop, and retain employees to take care of the customers and run the business."

Willie Draughon

Employee Profile Willie Draughon
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"My role is to help direct the day-to-day business of a captioning center where a group of captioning agents provide live captioning to our customers who are using a CaptionCall phone or device."

Erin LaRose

Employee Profile Erin LaRose
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"I install CaptionCall telephones for people with hearing loss and educate our customers using hands-on feature training. We are always looking to help people with hearing loss who need CaptionCall!"

Bruce Peterson

Employee Profile Bruce Peterson
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"I have a history of working in the CaptionCall Marketing group, and before that with Sorenson Marketing. We have the best customers on the planet and the services we provide are just fantastic!"

Steven Fredley

Employee Profile Steven Fredley
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"The best part of my work is the people with whom I get to work. The company is fortunate to have so many talented and dedicated people who care passionately about what they do and about serving our customers."

Jordan Kendall

Employee Profile Jordan Kendall
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"The best part of being a captioning agent is knowing that every day that I work, I am helping to improve someone else's quality of life. It's easy to go through the motions and just caption away and not really think about it. But it is really satisfying."

Julie Zenas

Employee Profile Julie Zenas
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"Keeping customer information, along with our employee information, secure and safe remain among our primary company goals."

Maryellen Lain

Employee Profile Maryellen Lain
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"I have the privilege of representing CaptionCall in person with our customers."