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Say 'Hi!' to Eddy the Ear - the ‘Ear-resistible’ star of the video series, ‘Conversations with Eddy the Ear.  This series of educational and entertaining short video segments will help your patients or clients be more ‘Ear-responsible’.  You will also enjoy our new Eddy comic strips … a little ear humor just for the fun of it.

Eddy the Ear Adventures

Latest Video

Episode 6: Eddy the Ear Gets a Hearing Aid

Eddy the Ear is back with the final episode of his hearing care journey … Eddy gets a hearing aid.

Quick Takes

Eddy Quick Take 1 - Ear Plugs

Eddy the Ear gives some advice on how to protect your hearing.

Eddy Quick Take 2 - What?

Hearing Loss can make it difficult to keep up with the conversation.

Eddy Quick Take 3 - Hearing & Balance

Eddy the Ear share's some info you might not have known.

Other Videos

Episode 1: Hearing Protection - Meet Eddy the Ear as he speaks out on the importance of hearing protection

Episode 2: How Hearing Works - Eddy the Ear gets personal as he talks about how the ear works and the different types of hearing loss.

Episode 3: The Impact of Untreated Hearing Loss - Eddy discusses the social, mental, and physical risks associated with untreated hearing loss.

Episode 4: Overcoming Denial - Denial is a common human condition associated with hearing loss. Acknowledging there is a problem is the first important hurdle to overcome.

Episode 5: The Hearing Care Visit -

Visiting your hearing care professional is an exciting time! Watch Eddy the Ear as he describes some of what you can expect.



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