Chellena Ellis Faure

Senior Director, Shared Services

Q: Please describe your role in the company and why it is important. 

A:  I am responsible for the HR shared services functions across the organization. That includes the corporate leadership development, employee experience (employee relations/workers  comp/leaves/ADA), talent acquisition, and compensation and benefits teams.  This role is fairly new in the company but has allowed us to begin establishing and implementing standardized policies, processes, and reporting while also investing in programs for company leadership that include upskilling – that is, providing development opportunities that expand employees’ abilities and minimize skill gaps. This position provides an avenue to build staffing capabilities to support hiring needs while having an integrated focus on career progression, culture, and compensation. I’ve witnessed a lot of progress over the past 18 months with this integrated approach, and I am excited for many more integrations and developments to come that will continue to support our business and our goal of providing favorable employee experiences.

Q: What do you bring to your role that adds value to the company?

A:  When our company was young, our HR team was very small in numbers. But with our lean operation, we were able to be creative in solutions that allowed us to have broad exposure to many areas within HR as we worked shoulder-to-shoulder with one another across the small team in each functional area. Those experiences of rapid growth with a very small team were valuable as they provided insight and helped me better understand the impact of various decisions we make within the organization as well as within the HR team.  

Q: What does the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) provide for people who are Deaf and hard-of-hearing? 

A:  I love that the ADA provides the ability for families, friends, and loved ones to readily connect and have access to one another. Early in my career, I witnessed one of the very first ASL conference calls in a test environment. We didn’t let the participants know what was going to happen.  They thought they were simply attending a training. When our outreach and marketing teams “flipped the switch” to allow the conference call in sign language to go live, and all the participants could see one another and sign back and forth to each other directly, the excitement I witnessed on the screen was extremely touching, and something I will never forget.  I loved that moment.  Seeing Deaf and hard-of-hearing people experience one of the first visual conference calls was one of the highlights of my career here at CaptionCall.

Q: Please describe how regulations (the government rules) impact what we do as a company.

A: Daily, important regulations impact our frontline employees. They are dedicated to meeting important speed-of-answer requirements, and they are committing their time and talents to ensure the quality of these critical services meets regulatory standards. We see it with our engineering and IT teams who dedicate their time to ensure quality, security, and processes are in place to provide functionally-equivalent services to our customers.  Our legal, marketing, accounting, and outreach teams, and all individuals and teams within our company strive continually to provide best-in-class services while adhering to compliance and governance parameters.  Amazing and talented team members train each employee to be in compliance. 

Q: What is the greatest challenge you have overcome – or are still overcoming – in your work?

A:  Navigating headwinds to ensure business needs are met while balancing efficiency and compliance objectives. That’s not always an easy balancing act, but it can be fun to search for solutions! 

Q: What is the best part of your work?

A:  The people and the relationships we have built.  Also, it’s satisfying to know that after a tough day of solution finding, our work makes a difference in people’s lives!  Our employees care about others, which is reflected in their dedication and daily service.  It’s an honor and pleasure to work with amazing people who come to work every day to make others’ lives a little better, one call at a time.