Staying Connected This Holiday Season

December 22, 2017 CaptionCall No comments exist
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Having meaningful conversations reduces stress, improves memory functions and creates a sense of belonging and community.

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For example, I called my father last night.  He lives in another part of the country so our phone conversations include a fair amount of catching up.  He’s turning 80 on Sunday and I wanted to know what that feels like.  He said, “oh just wait to see what I’m doing when I’m 90.”  Well, that was unexpected.  Or not—both of his parents lived exactly to age 90 so I thought that was a funny thing to say.  We talked about the solar panels being installed on our roof, how the energy will be stored and whether our electric bill will be eliminated.  He authored a text book called “Electricity and Electronics” in the 1970s so the solar subject is of particular interest to him.  We talked about his Chinese Shar-Pei Buddy, his black cat, Mr. Ali, and where he plans to spend Christmas Day.  We shared a lot of laughs—it was a perfect conversation of past, present and future.  By the end of our conversation we both had smiles and felt refreshed. Communicating with those you love really does improve your life.

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Written By Heide Kraus, Events Manager



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