Need Some Healthy-Hearing Holiday Shopping Ideas?

December 8, 2017 CaptionCall No comments exist
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Shopping for someone with hearing loss? It doesn’t have to be difficult to find the right gift. In fact, has put together a great guide on some unique gifts to consider. The list includes some great books like “Rewiring Tinnitus: How I Finally Found Relief from the Ringing in my Ears” along with great practical gifts like hearing aid batteries or battery caddies. You can read the whole guide here:

If you are currently dealing with hearing loss, the best gift you can give your family is to do something about it. Hearing loss can lead to feelings of isolation and can make it difficult for you to be engaged during the holiday festivities. Get a hearing test and make sure you are listening at the top of your game this holiday season.

CaptionCall is an ambassador for hearing health and an advocate for people with hearing loss.  CaptionCall encourages people everywhere to actively manage their hearing health through regular hearing evaluations, and to seek early treatment when hearing loss is identified.  CaptionCall is committed to helping people with hearing loss stay socially engaged for a longer, happier, healthier life

Written By John Apgar


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