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July 5, 2018 CaptionCall No comments exist

Hey, we hope all of you had an exciting Fourth of July! With the sun in the sky and summer in full swing we wanted to share with you an article we wrote from a couple years ago. When it comes to hearing loss the most important thing you can do is take action right away. We wanted to remind everyone that during this sunny time there is no better time to get out and take action on your hearing loss. We hope you all have a fantastic 4th of July week!

With the sun shining, it’s a great time to get together with friends and family.  Sadly, for people with untreated hearing loss, summer can also be a time of isolation and loneliness. A recent study by the University of British Columbia confirmed that for every 10 point decibel drop in hearing for seniors, ages 60 to 69, the odds of feeling socially isolated increased by 52%.  Read the study at

Feeling isolated has been linked to many cognitive disorders and is to be taken seriously.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.  Getting out and taking action to treat and manage your hearing loss can help prevent these feelings for yourself or for those you love.  ‘People Hearing Better’ has put together a fantastic list of the many ways proper hearing care can benefits all of us, including:

  • Strengthening Relationships
  • Reducing Frustration
  • Reducing Depression
  • Reducing Anxiety
  • Reducing Paranoia
  • Reducing Social Phobias
  • Reducing Self-Criticism
  • Increasing Self-Esteem
  • Increasing Ability to Concentrate
  • Increasing Communication


There is no good excuse to wait.  Seek treatment today while the sun shines so you can enjoy all those friend and family gatherings, along with the many other benefits associated with proper hearing care.

CaptionCall is an ambassador for hearing health and an advocate for people with hearing loss.  CaptionCall encourages people everywhere to actively manage their hearing health through regular hearing evaluations, and to seek early treatment when hearing loss is identified.  CaptionCall is committed to helping people with hearing loss stay socially engaged for a longer, happier, healthier life.  To learn more about how to qualify for a no-cost CaptionCall phone, visit

Written By John Apgar

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