How To Cope With Listening Fatigue

January 31, 2019 CaptionCall No comments exist

Have you ever felt like your hearing loss is just draining you? If so, you’re not alone. Hearing loss can take its toll physically and emotionally, leaving you feeling stressed and spent. The fact is, with hearing loss you have to work harder than the average person to stay engaged. has some great tips you can use to cope with listening fatigue. Some of the things they suggest are:

  • Take a break from the noise
  • Eliminate background noise
  • Take a nap

You can read more here:

The best thing you can do to help combat listening fatigue is to visit a hearing care professional and seek out help. Modern devices are fantastic at making your brain work less when it comes to understanding sounds, leaving you to focus on the conversation.

CaptionCall is an active advocate for people with hearing loss.  We encourage people with hearing loss to seek treatment early and to actively manage their hearing care.  Our mission is to help people with hearing loss stay socially connected for a longer, happier, healthier life!


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