Eddy The Ear Gets A Hearing Aid

November 8, 2018 CaptionCall 4 comments

Eddy the Ear is back with the final episode of his hearing care journey … Eddy gets a hearing aid.  We hope Eddy has brought you many smiles over the last couple years.  More importantly, we hope Eddy has served as a fun way to educate you about the importance of addressing hearing loss, and we invite you to continue to use all the Eddy videos and comics as a resource in the future.

4 Comments on “Eddy The Ear Gets A Hearing Aid

  1. Always enjoy your tips. I have a profound hearing loss from middle ear surgery so call caption and hearing aids are a necessity. My husband is just now loosing his hearing. He says “I hear fine, you just mumble” How can I get him to get a hearing test. Or can I test him using my CaptionCall phone.

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