Eddy The Ear – Be Good To Your Brain

August 25, 2017 CaptionCall No comments exist
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This comic strip says it all … hearing loss is frustrating and stressful.  Left untreated, it literally causes undo stress on the brain.  More and more research confirms what many healthcare professionals have believed for years, that when people isolate themselves due to hearing loss, or any other reason, they are much more vulnerable to other more serious health risks.


Research at Johns Hopkins University showed that people with hearing loss were:

  • 57% more likely to have deep episodes of stress, depression or bad mood
  • 36% more likely to have prolonged stretches of illness or injury
  • 32% more likely to be admitted to a hospital


These findings add to a growing list of previously undocumented health consequences associated with untreated hearing loss, such as fragmented sleep, an increased propensity for falling, and a greater risk of dementia and hypertension.


Bottom line:  If you or your loved ones show any sign of hearing loss, go get it checked out by a hearing care professional immediately.  A hearing evaluation could make all the difference!  Get your hearing checked.


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