Don’t Let Your Social Life Get Cold

October 9, 2017 CaptionCall No comments exist
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It’s getting colder, and as the season deepens for some of us that will mean rain and snow. That kind of weather makes it easy to want to stay inside and enjoy some cocoa or a warm blanket. Even with the cold weather, it is essential when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle to stay social especially if you struggle with hearing toss

Hearing loss can make it stressful to maintain sociality and to want to keep a conversation going. When it’s cold outside we are far less likely to visit friends and neighbors. There is a great guide you can find from that gives some options:

  1. It is okay to go outdoors when it’s cold – Just bundle up! Get yourself a warm hat and some gloves and take a stroll around the neighborhood with a friend.
  2. Plan times to visit friends – Find a nice place to meet up and meet your friends each week. Going out for cocoa or a movie is great way to stay warm while spending time with friends.
  3. Take a class – Find a community center or college nearby that is offering a class in something you would like to learn. Taking a class is a great way to meet new people while getting involved in the community.

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On top of these suggestions, don’t forget to pick up the phone. This is one way to stay connected in comfort of your nice warm home. If talking to your friends or family on the phone is frustrating and difficult due to hearing loss, there are many new devices that can help. The CaptionCall phone, for example, is a great option that removes all the stress out of trying to hear over the phone, and there’s absolutely no cost for the phone or service if you get certification from your hearing-care or healthcare provider saying that you have hearing loss and need CaptionCall to use the phone effectively.  The important thing is that you stay connected and active during the cold winter days.

CaptionCall is an ambassador for hearing health and an advocate for people with hearing loss.  CaptionCall encourages people everywhere to actively manage their hearing health through regular hearing evaluations, and to seek early treatment when hearing loss is identified.  CaptionCall is committed to helping people with hearing loss stay socially engaged for a longer, happier, healthier life.

Written By John Apgar, Marketing Coordinator


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