The Dangers Of Loneliness And How Treating Your Hearing Can Help

January 22, 2018 CaptionCall 1 comment
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Humans are social beings, so it isn’t hard to wrap our minds around the fact that hearing loss can lead to feelings of loneliness. Research shows that people with hearing loss often feel isolated from the world, whether it be from loved ones, co-workers, friends, or anyone we communicate with on a daily basis.

The dangers of loneliness:

  • Being socially isolated and lonely has been associated with feelings of depression, anxiety, or even feelings of suicide.
  • Loneliness and social isolation can lead to a shorter life. These feeling can lead to dwindling self-care or creating bad habits that threaten your physical and psychological well-being.
  • Feeling lonely can also raise your stress hormones and blood pressure levels which puts you in danger of strokes and heart attacks. So in all seriousness, loneliness can kill you.

If you are already struggling with the signs of hearing loss, don’t let it go any further.  Getting a hearing test is simple and easy. Find a local hearing care professional today.

As human beings, we have a better chance of surviving in social settings rather than existing in isolation.

CaptionCall is an ambassador for hearing health and an advocate for people with hearing loss. CaptionCall encourages people everywhere to actively manager their hearing health through regular hearing evaluations, and to seek early treatment when hearing loss is identified. CaptionCall is committed to helping people with hearing loss stay socially engaged for a longer, happier, healthier life.

Written By Miriam Gutierrez, Marketing Intern

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