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September 6, 2018 CaptionCall No comments exist

Summer is starting to come to an end which means things starting to cool off. With that it can become easy to want to stay indoors and relax with a nice cup of cocoa. As great as that is (and you should definitely do that from time to time) in order for us to make sure we are aging in a healthy way it is important to remember to stay active. Need some ideas as to what you can do?

There is a great list of ideas from lifeline that you can use. You can see the list here:

The list includes things like yoga and swimming. You can also schedule regular walks, do a little gardening, or find some time each day to do some stretching. The key to living a longer, healthier happier life is making sure you are active and social. If it’s been a while, get your body moving. You will find it really makes a difference.


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Written By John Apgar, Marketing Coordinator

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