Honor Flight – An Experience Veterans Will Never Forget

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For Memorial Day, we pause to honor those veterans who gave their lives while serving in the U.S. military defending our freedom.  Honor Flight is a program that honors vets year round.

Since 2005, Honor Flight has been flying our aging veterans who served in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War to Washington D.C. to see the war memorials that have been built in their honor, as a way of showing appreciation for their service and sacrifice.  Honor Flight is an experience they will never forget.

In a recent interview with CaptionCall, Richard McClintock, President of The Villages Honor Flight in Florida, said, “It’s important that we remember the soldiers that fought for us in our wars. We need to honor those people and hear their stories. We need to understand what they went through, recognizing them for their service, and trying to preserve the history of what they accomplished.“

Honor Flight provides an opportunity to say thanks and to give back to our veteran heroes.  Richard said they are always looking for volunteers to help with Honor Flight.  The Villages Honor Flight, and many like them, have a Guardian Program that lets you accompany a veteran on the flight.  The program will pair you up with a veteran and allows you to serve one of these great people, share in their experiences and, at the same time, make a new friend. McClintock reports that he still keeps in touch with many of the veterans he has been a guardian for.

Richard has observed that many veterans find it difficult to talk about their past experiences, but this trip has been helpful in overcoming that.  “When veterans are around other veterans that have been there, done it, and understand, these guys feel free to talk about their experiences.  And they find it very therapeutic.”

To learn more about Honor Flight, visit their website at https://www.honorflight.org/.

CaptionCall is a proud sponsor of Honor Flight and is thrilled with what the Honor Flight program does for our veteran heroes. CaptionCall is also pleased to provide no-cost* Captioned Telephone Service for many of our veterans who struggle with using the phone due to hearing loss.  Our goal is to help them stay socially engaged and connected for a longer, happier healthier life.

*To qualify for CaptionCall, a hearing-care professional must certify the individual has a hearing loss that requires captions to use the phone effectively.

Written By John Apgar, Marketing Coordinator


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