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Information and inspiration on hearing health and healthy aging.

No-Internet Solution for Hearing Loss

By CaptionCall

Internet access has gone from a nice-to-have service to a vital utility that people need to do everything from banking to filling prescriptions and connecting with family and friends. Lack of internet access prevents people from taking advantage of the virtual world. That’s where CaptionCall’s no...

8 Principles of Patient-Centered Hearing Health Care

By CaptionCall

Patient-Centered Care Patient-centered hearing health care is about understanding the emotional and physical needs of the patient while developing a solution that addresses their daily lifestyle. Best practices for patient-centered care go well beyond excellence in diagnostic services. ...

15 Memory Games for Seniors

By CaptionCall

Memory games can help boost short- and long-term memory in seniors. Check out this list of the top 15 memory games in 2020. They are available in online and board game format....

CaptionCall and the ADA Fight for No-Cost Captioning

By CaptionCall

Did you know that for eligible people with hearing loss, access to a captioning phone is provided at no cost under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? At one time there was a push to charge a cost for captioning phones. But CaptionCall decided to argue, in court, that phones should stay no cost....

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