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Information and inspiration on hearing health and healthy aging.

Why Choose CaptionCall?

By Jordan Rosser

The CaptionCall phone and service allows you to better connect with your loved ones over the phone again, helping you to feel more in touch with your life. Better yet, our CaptionCall service is available at absolutely no cost to people with hearing loss who need captioning to use the phone effec...

Do Animals Hear Differently than Humans?

By Jordan Rosser

You may have not thought about it before—except when you learned about bats in school—but all living creatures have different levels of hearing ability: Some have great hearing, others do not—some don’t even use their ears to hear! Many animals' hearing abilities are more acute than ours...

What is Muffled Hearing and How to Treat It?

By Ryan Reed

Imagine being in the workplace, a restaurant, or a park and everything around you sounds as if your head is in a glass bowl. You can still hear people talking to you, but sounds aren’t as crisp and clear as usual. If that sounds like your experience, you might be suffering from muffled hearing....

Hearing Loss Technology: Improving Overall Well-Being

By Guest Writer

Without the resources and tools specifically designed to help navigate life with hearing loss, getting through the day can be a challenge. A sense of isolation—stemming from difficulty participating in daily activities and maintaining relationships—is one of the most difficult challenges and can ...

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