Learn how others' lives have been improved with CaptionCall

This Miracle

"I am so thankful for my CaptionCall phone, I would be lost without it as I do not hear on a regular phone at all. Thank you for providing me with this miracle!!!"  Carole



Opened A New World For Me
"The CaptionCall Phone has taken the fear of the telephone away. Every time the phone would ring my heart would start pounding knowing that I was not going to be able to understand what the caller was saying. With the CaptionCall Phone I can carry on a conversation without the fear of knowing that I have not understood what the caller had said. The CaptionCall Phone has opened a new world for me.  Thank you, CaptionCall."  Sandra


Life Changing Experience

"I am so pleased with my CaptionCall phone. It has changed my life tremendously. I can communicate on the phone with great ease. I do not need anyone to help me relay the message. The CaptionCall phone is a life changing experience for me!! Keep up with the good work."  Nancy


Wonderful Solution

"CaptionCall has eliminated so much of my angst and irritation when trying to interact on the phone. Thank you for such a wonderful solution to my problems with understanding phone conversations." Roseanne


Allows Me To Be Independent

"The CaptionCall phone is a life saver. Allows me to be independent."  William


A Real Blessing

“[The] CaptionCall telephone has been a real blessing to my 97 year old mother and her family. I call her most every day and she doesn't miss a word. Before CaptionCall, it was very discouraging calling her since she heard hardly anything. Wish we he'd discovered CaptionCall years ago.” Mickey


Life Seems More NORMAL

“I have to say it is a wonderful tool for ANYONE with hearing problems. I am 97% deaf both ears.  Recently I was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. I couldn't have done with out your phone. I had complications to my surgery and the phone was life saving for me. My friends are finally getting the hang of it and so my life seems more NORMAL... if that’s possible. Thank you so much.” Ardene



A True Blessing

"Thank you so much for my CaptionCall phone. I love it. Being hearing impaired, it is tough making phone calls. Now I can call family, friends, and make doctor's appointments. It is a true blessing to have such a tool to use. Thank you again."   Doug


See What My Grandchildren Are Saying

"Just to let you know that I love my CaptionCall phone as it is best that I can see what my grandchildren are saying and so is everyone that calls I can read what they are saying instead of yelling at them."  Elizabeth


Peace of Mind

“As a user of CaptionCall for a number of years I can vouch for the peace of mind it has brought a virtually deaf user for many, many times. As in any service of this kind I have had some problem moments, but its presence has made my life exceptionally complete.” Bob


Helps Me With My Doctor Appointments

“I very much appreciate the caption phone I received. It helps me with my doctor appointments and I can read what my kids are talking about when they call me from their Bluetooth connections, which normally makes hearing very difficult. The save-call feature is so helpful when I refer to dates and times mentioned on phone calls that I have forgotten. Thank you so much for this service!” Sylvia


I Don't Know What I Would Do Without It

"I want you to know that my CaptionCall phone is one of the most encouraging things that could happen to me since I started losing my hearing. I don’t know what I would do without it...... Thanks for the great service and I surely will let others with a hearing loss problem know..."  Mavis



Problem's No Longer The Phone

"Since I lost my wife who was my ears and helped with all my phone messages or appointments it was impossible to do any phone appointments or receive any phone calls until I received my CaptionCall phone. Now my problems are no longer the phone."  Edward


Making Life Much Better

“Have had CAPTIONCALL for five months or so now. The wonderful lady who installed it was so friendly and helpful. It is great to be able to talk to our kids (all over the place), or call my husband at the market to remind him of something that wasn’t on the list. 
THANK YOU, CaptionCall folks, for making life much better for people like me.” Willa


I am Amazed...

“I am amazed at the difference the CaptionCall has done. Before I only heard parts of the conversation, and spent most of the time trying to catch enough of it to answer "yes" or "no" or if I needed to make a comment, was the problem, and hoped it was the right answer. Thank you very much.” Elsie


The Thrill of Using My New Phone

“You cannot imagine the thrill of using my new phone. I have been hard of hearing since birth and for once can enjoy a phone. I am 95 years old.” Althea


Mom & Daughter Love What They Can Do On This Phone

"My wife is deaf, and now she is calling our family in Portland or from Iowa almost twice a day!   My daughter was complaining that she "never heard" mom's voice on email or texts, and really missed that.... and now that we have the phone, Mom and Daughter love what they can do for each other on this phone.   Kelly gets to hear mom 1900 miles away, and Mom gets to read what Kelly is saying!!!!!"  Darrell



This App is Life Changing

"I love the iPad app. I was recently traveling alone, my flight was canceled due to weather, thanks to my CaptionCall app, I was to communicate without the normal frustration and anxiety these situations cause. I am profoundly impaired, with less than 40% speech discrimination, even with my streaming hearing aids, talking on the phone is a major challenge, if not impossible. This app is life changing."  Lanie


Thank You For Such a Great Device

“Since I got my phone being able to talk and read what's being said is a blessing, my hearing loss has continued to progress due [to what] they say is from my M.S. I now have lost 47% [of my hearing] and without my phone I would be lost. Thank you for such a great device.” Gene


Absolutely Wonderful

“Just want to express my thanks for this wonderful device and the extreme professional service I received… he was absolutely wonderful to explain the phone to me… thank you once again...” Michael


So Thankful, Everyday

“I am still so excited to have my CaptionCall phone! It has been such a blessing to me, and my family. Thank you so very much!

I can now have a decent conversation with my friends, and most importantly I can understand dates and times of my medical appointments. I am so thankful, every day! I would like to say that the nice lady who installed my phone was one of the nicest persons I have ever met, she was so helpful, and so caring. I commend her highly! Thank you again CaptionCall!” Theada


Like Starting a New Life

“Just love it. Before I got caption call I was always embarrassed because I couldn't hear everything. Now it's like starting a new life. I still can't believe this phone changed my life. I don't have to have my wife answer the phone for me. I'm 80 years old and I want to thank you and your team.” Tom



Most Valuable To Me

“I cannot express how thankful I am for my Caption Call telephone. For a few years now, I have been completely unable to talk to my son in Florida. He had Lymphoma which centered in his chest cavity and affected his vocal chords and esophagus.  This changed his speaking voice completely and I simply could not hear his raspy, whispering voice on the telephone. Now, thankfully, I can "talk" to him frequently and easily. There are many other features about the CaptionCall phone that I really appreciate, but believe me, being able to speak to my son is the most valuable to me.

I would like to add that the gentleman who installed my phone could not have been more helpful, considerate and thoughtful during his time with me.” Paul