FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITS ANYONE BUT REGISTERED USERS WITH HEARING LOSS FROM USING INTERNET PROTOCOL (IP) CAPTIONED TELEPHONES WITH THE CAPTIONS TURNED ON. IP Captioned Telephone Service may use a live operator. The operator generates captions of what the other party to the call says. These captions are then sent to your phone. There is a cost for each minute of captions generated, paid from a federally administered fund. No costs are passed along to individuals who qualify for the service.

What Is CaptionCall?


 What is CaptionCall?

The CaptionCall phone features a large, easy-to-read screen that displays written captions of what callers say. The CaptionCall phone is also an amplified phone.


How do I know if I need CaptionCall?
If you have trouble hearing on the phone, then maybe CaptionCall is for you. This state-of-the-art telephone is specially designed for anyone affected by hearing loss for any reason, including age, illness, injury, loud working conditions, or military service.

How is the CaptionCall phone different

from the phone I have now?
The CaptionCall phone dials numbers and receives calls just like a standard landline telephone. The difference is its large display screen, which provides nearly instant captions of your phone conversations—so you can read what’s being said.


My eyesight is poor. Will I be able to read the captions?
To ensure maximum readability, the CaptionCall phone uses an easy-to-read font, available in different sizes and displayed on a high-resolution 7” screen.


What are the requirements to receive a CaptionCall phone?

  • A hearing loss that necessitates the use of captioned telephone service
  • A Professional Certification Form certifying your hearing loss
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Standard home phone connection


What is a Professional Certification Form?
A Professional Certification Form is required to receive a CaptionCall phone at no cost.  This form requires a signature from a professional qualified to certify hearing loss.  A list of professionals qualified to certify and the form submission instructions are included on the form.  The form can be obtained through a participating hearing care provider or from our website.  Get Certification Form



What happens after a Professional Certification Form is submitted?
Once a form is received by CaptionCall, we will contact you within a couple business days to set up an appointment for the phone installation.  If you have questions about the status of your CaptionCall order, contact Customer Support at 1-877-557-2227 or support@captioncall.com


What is TIA 4953 Certification?
CaptionCall is proud to be the first and only captioning telephone that meets the strict amplification standards established by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) for people with mild, moderate or severe hearing loss. This means people with hearing-loss will be able to hear and understand speech better on the CaptionCall phone than on any other captioning telephone.



What is TIA 1083 Certification?

This standard defines measurement procedures and performance requirements for the handset generated audio band magnetic noise of wireline telephones. The CaptionCall phone meets the TIA-1083 standard for hearing aid compatibility and reduced interference. Hearing aid users will experience significantly reduced interference when using a TIA compliant CaptionCall phone, improving their conversations with less static or buzz.


How Can CaptionCall Be Free?

As a provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established a fund that gives individuals with hearing loss access to captioned telephone service at no cost. CaptionCall is an FCC-authorized captioned telephone service provider and is compensated by the FCC for providing the captioning service at no cost to the end-user. The CaptionCall phone is not covered by the FCC fund, but is provided by CaptionCall so that eligible individuals may have access to the captioned telephone service. There is no cost for qualified individuals to participate in this federal program.


What is the cost of a CaptionCall phone?
Individuals with hearing loss that could benefit from captioned telephone service can provide professional certification from a qualified hearing care or health care professional to receive the CaptionCall phone at no cost.  Get Certification Form



Where is CaptionCall available?
The CaptionCall service is supported through the federal government’s Interstate Telecommunications Relay Service fund which is administered by the Federal Communications Commission and is available throughout the United States for qualified individuals.


Does CaptionCall provide free installation?
CaptionCall has trained local representatives in your area to assist with installation and training of the phone.  There is no cost for this service.



I have a CaptionCall phone, can I get a second phone?
CaptionCall only provides one phone at no-cost per household. If you feel like an additional phone is needed, they can be purchased for $75 at the following website. Harris Communications.

Free installation is provided by CaptionCall for purchased phones.