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Jordan Rosser

Consumer Marketing Specialist

Jordan Rosser - Consumer Marketing Specialist

Jordan is a passionate and caring marketing professional. A graduate from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s in Marketing and a minor in Sociology (2019), Jordan has made it his life’s work to understand and advocate for marginalized communities. He searched for a long time to figure out what he wanted to study in school, until a Marketing course dropped in his path, changing his life forever. In that course, he had to do a job shadow of a marketing professional. He knew a guy who worked for Real Salt Lake as the Marketing Director who graciously accepted and gave him the guidance throughout the rest of his collegiate career as a mentor.

Though just a short time removed from college, at 31 years old, Jordan has a rich work history working for Fortune 500 companies at Discover, and developing his marketing and writing skills while working as an Executive Assistant/Communication Coordinator at Independence University. His first job out of college was for a small company in American Fork, UT controlling the paid advertising for the thousands of products they sold on a little site called Amazon. He has found his home here at CaptionCall as a Consumer Marketing Specialist. You can see his other work as you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Jordan is a Foster parent, soccer enthusiast, political advocate, and brilliant marketer. He lives in Woods Cross, UT with his wife, foster children (when he has them), and his two dogs.

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