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What to know when calling 911

When you face emergency situations, dialing 911 on your CaptionCall phone will connect you with Emergency Services. Contact us if you have any questions.

Landline CaptionCall phone
  • Captioning will not work if the power is out.
  • You can still make an audio call to 911 if the power is out.
CaptionCall Mobile

The CaptionCall Mobile app is a VoIP phone service. E911 service may be limited or unavailable under certain circumstances, including, but not limited to, uncharged/dead handset battery, lack of data coverage by your mobile carrier, or during an internet service outage. As part of becoming a CaptionCall Mobile customer, you provided CaptionCall with your Emergency Calling Service address. This address will be transmitted to the E911 center in the event that you call 911. If your actual location is different from the registered Emergency Calling Service address that you gave CaptionCall, you will need to provide your current location to emergency personnel when you call 911 during an emergency, or call 911 using your mobile phone service without captions. To verify or change your Emergency Calling Service address, please call 1-877-557-2227 or visit the Settings section of the app and touch Edit under Emergency Address.

CaptionCall with VoIP
  • This service requires working power AND internet connections.
  • You cannot call 911 on this device if internet or phone lines are down.
  • 911 uses the address of your CaptionCall account, usually your home. IF YOU ARE NOT AT THIS ADDRESS, TELL 911 YOUR CURRENT LOCATION.

To check the address CaptionCall has on file for your Emergency Calling Service, log in to your customer account or call Customer Support at 1-877-865-9228.