Program Resources

Request Demo Phone


To inquire about receiving a complimentary demo phone for your practice, simply contact your local CaptionCall representative to discuss or call toll-free at 1-877-557-2227. It is very helpful for your patients to be able to see a demo of captions smoothly scrolling across the screen.  All you need is access to a power outlet and a tiny amount of counter space.


Angled View on Recent Calls screen

Blog Posts for Patients


The CaptionCall blog is written to provide valuable content that hearing-care professionals can share with their patients to motivate and inspire them to take action for their hearing loss.  Read about the benefits of seeking treatment.  Learn about the risks associated with delaying treatment.


Provider Newsletters


The CaptionCall Provider Newsletter includes valuable tips for running a healthy business, info about unique CaptionCall features and benefits, ideas for using CaptionCall in your marketing, tips on ordering a CaptionCall phone, and some rave reviews from enthusiastic CaptionCall providers and customers.