FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITS ANYONE BUT REGISTERED USERS WITH HEARING LOSS FROM USING INTERNET PROTOCOL (IP) CAPTIONED TELEPHONES WITH THE CAPTIONS TURNED ON. IP Captioned Telephone Service may use a live operator. The operator generates captions of what the other party to the call says. These captions are then sent to your phone. There is a cost for each minute of captions generated, paid from a federally administered fund. No costs are passed along to individuals who qualify for the service.


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Difficulty hearing on the phone? CaptionCall can help.

Using the phone can be difficult and frustrating for those with hearing loss and their families. In this video, CaptionCall users describe how talking on the phone was difficult before they received a CaptionCall phone. With CaptionCall they can use the phone again with confidence.

It's easy to get a CaptionCall phone.

CaptionCall has qualified and courteous representatives who provide free installation and training on the CaptionCall phone. In this video, CaptionCall users talk about the installation process and how the phone has provided them with a better quality of life.

CaptionCall users talk about how they stay connected.

Difficulty on the phone can isolate individuals. CaptionCall captioned telephone helps those with hearing loss stay connected. In this video, CaptionCall users talk about their experience with CaptionCall and how it has improved their phone conversations and quality of life.

Shirley talks about the challenges of her hearing loss

Shirley discusses her hearing loss and how it affected her life, specifically her relationship with her children and grandchildren. She discussed how CaptionCall enabled her to share experiences again on the telephone.

Lou talks about his hearing loss journey.

Lou talks about his hearing loss journey. He discusses the causes of his hearing loss and devices such as loops and the CaptionCall captioned telephone which help him better understand the conversations.

-I am so happy to be able to communicate with my family... they are so use to not calling I had to remind them and show them the unit when they came for Thanksgiving...   AMAZING... Totally grateful for opening up conversations.  I think tears of JOY... thank you so much.


Decatur, IL

-Hi. I am a bilateral cochlear implant user. You caption call phone is the best thing, I have ever found to make and receive phone call over the last few years.I just recently found out that you had a caption call mobile App for the iPad. IT'S WONDERFUL!!!!! Installed it and it works GREAT. Now I can receive phone calls when out and traveling.

Best regards.


Englewood, FL

-This phone is a great piece of equipment, both in looks and performance.  My hearing is so bad I almost gave up answering calls in the past but with my new CaptionCall phone the sound quality along with caption is fantastic! 


Shingletown, CA

-I love it.  I'm 93 with only 6% hearing in one ear and 30% in the other.  I have had a very hard time talking to anyone with an accent especially when they talk too fast.  This is a very helpful communication tool and I'm so thankful to have the use of it.  I quite likely lost most of my hearing as a result of mortar and artillery shells landing near me in WWII.


Des Moines, WA

-I have lost all of my high frequency hearing, which makes it totally impossible to understand what people are saying when using a regular telephone or cell phone.  The Caption Phone is my lifeline to telephonic communication.  I've had my phone for over 10 years and I would be completely lost without it!  Respectfully,


Melbourne, FL

-I have had my hearing phone for over 2 years.  The phone allows me to read what my caller is saying to me..  I hear some words but others I do not hear.  By having the hearing phone makes my life much easier.  I wish I had got the phone 14 years ago.  I recommend the hearing phone to my friends who have problems like I do.  Please keep up the good job you are doing.



Henderson, NV

- It is a relief to be able to do your own personal and business calls rather than having someone else do it for you.


Attleboro, MA

-I was not able to use the telephone for several years.  Calls went unanswered because of my hearing or the lack there of. New expensive hearing aids did not help.  I had given up using the phone completely.  When CaptionCall informed me that I could get a CaptionCall Phone I was somewhat skeptical.  This phone made all the difference.  I now answer the telephone without a problem and again feel connected to the world.  


Romulus, MI

-Hi, I don't normally take the time to thank a company for doing a good job but CaptionCall deserves a special thanks.  My parents have been having problems with their phone and your company sent them a new headset and phone cable.  You guys are a great help for the elderly.  I hope I never have the problems my parents have with their hearing but if I do I know who to contact.  It's nice to know someone is looking out for our senior citizens.

Thanks again and GOD BLESS,


Port Charlotte, FL

-The CaptionCall phone has made using the telephone possible but there’s more. For me the biggest advantage is that it works with both my hearing aid types. What I’ve found here is a miracle for me. I can live more of a normal life. Without the hearing aids I hear nothing. The text on the CaptionCall phone is still important because understanding some people is difficult.
John F. Costenbader

Reading, PA

-I can actually hear and understand what is being communicate. Upon receiving my caption phone it was one of the best, pleasant, professional presentation that I have ever experience. I have recommended the caption phone to many. All I can say is that it is the best thing that has happened to me, and my wife.


Hillsboro, OR

-I have had my caption call phone for several months now and my hearing loss for seventy five years. I am so glad to be able to have this phone where I can read what is being said as many people don't speak clearly. Caption-call has solved my problem and this has made my live so much easier with my doctor appointments. Caption call is a great phone. I hope more people learn about it.


Bulverde, TX

-omg, this is the most wonderful phone ever.  I would actually freeze up and not want to answer my regular phone, I hear them but not understanding what all they said.  This has been with me for most of my life, not hearing well.  Even did not even want hearing aids, but got one that I really like after going through about 8 of them. Totally deaf in one ear and really appreciate my caption call phone, I have been tell everyone about it, the ones that don’t hear well it is a GOD send to see what you are missing in your phone calls.  Thank you again, it has put me back to now wanting to use the phone that I avoided like the plague before. Thank all of you.


Brooksville, FL

-I am a 96 year old WWII veteran.   I lost almost all of my hearing 76 years ago in a combat related incident with a German tiger tank.  My wife has answered the phone for all of that time since, along with 60% word recognition loss hearing is a job but I would not care for the alternative.  About two years ago when I received my Caption phone I have been back in society full time.  In fact I am a bit jealous when my wife beats me to the phone.  I have only one word for this phone FREEDOM


Bend, OR

-Without my CaptionCall Telephone I would not be able to hear my children, my grands or my political candidates begging.  Now I jest but how frustrating would it be to not be able to call a computer repairman?  Make an appointment with a person you need to see...........like your family doctor or your favorite pedicurist.  Those of you who have good hearing know how frustrating it is when your phone is out of order I am sure.  Well we who are 80 and 85 percent deaf would be like a fish out of water without our CaptionCall phone. The young man who services my area is so good to me when I have a problem and so very patient. Thank God for CaptionCall.  Just my my two cents.


Albertville, AL

-My CaptionCall phone was a life saver after getting my cochlear implants.  A regular phone was useless for me, even those with volume control and tty phones were such a hassle to use. At least with the captioning on the CaptionCall phone, I was able to understand most conversations. There are always people whose voices are inaudible or they mumble, which makes captioning hard to get.

I also take my iPad with me on trips, so as long as I have Wi-Fi where I go, I can use the CaptionCall Mobile for iPad to make/receive phone calls or to get messages.



New London, MO

-My CaptionCall phone has been a life saver for me.  I have profound hearing loss and have special problems understanding some of my grandchildren because of the tone of their voices.  But with the CaptionCall phone I am able to understand so much. I was particularly excited about getting CaptionCall on my iPad.  I take several long trips each year and can now keep in touch while away.  Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you.  


Alexandria, VA

-Life after 80 began having a CaptionCall connection. It's the only phone I can hear well enough to carry on a conversation.  Not sure how I lived before I had my Caption Call, too old to remember. 


Bellevue, WA

-I have had Captioncall for six years and it moved with me across town to a retirement village.  I cannot do without it, and I have just this minute shared the October Newsletter with our resident nurse who is new here so that she can make everyone in our village aware of this wonderful service.


Tuscaloosa, AL

-I have had my Captioning Phone for two years now, since 2015. You see I have had hearing loss since my early 20s and it is hard to hear the phone sometimes. I just love my call captioning phone as I can see who is calling and what they are saying on the screen. I I would recommend this phone to anyone who has hearing loss and it is the best phone ever.



Fort Pierce, FL

-Captioncall is such a blessing. My husband is very hard of hearing but also has dementia. Being able to see as well as hear when his relatives call from other parts of the United States helps him to understand what they are saying so much better. A big thank you to the lady that hooked up our phone. She was so helpful so we understood how the phone worked. It's wonderful as we have to use it often when my husband falls for 911. It gives us confidence that someone to help is just a call away. Thank You.


Springfield, MO

-I so appreciate my new phone.  It has given me a better quality of life—still can’t believe it was free.  Your service person was exceptional and the phone is so easy to use.  Since I have a vision problem as well, the phone has helped with that also.  And all of this because my hearing aid pro had the Information in their office.  Thank you. 


Eldridge, Iowa

-As an attorney, it is very important that I get the facts straight many times a day. Since I have a hearing loss, it is even more important that I use my caption phone in order to communicate with clients, and other attorneys.   I would not be able to continue to work without it.  

Chicago, IL

-First of all I love my caption phone. It makes me feel great knowing that I can read and not miss out on what people have to say to me. I was always passing the phone to my husband because I was afraid I would get the wrong message and cause problems. Also, I would like to say the man that set up my phone for me was a great guy. He talked to me and helped me understand everything he did. He was real friendly. Well thank God for Caption Call phones. I’ve never been more thankful!


Fall River, MA

-This phone is such an important asset to my life.  You simply cannot understand so many people that you talk to.  People don't realize how much they mumble when talking on the phone and this caption call just clarifies it for you.  I am so grateful for my caption phone and have told many of my friends that they need to get one.


Holladay, UT

-Just wanted to say thank you so much captioncall for allowing me to communicate with my family over the phone again! I'm only 41 but have had Meniere's disease and hearing loss from that disorder and a car accident since I was 19 in the past 10 yrs. my hearing has gotten to the point that I was unable to use the phone for conversations and settled for texting, emailing or messaging my family and friends. When I got caption call installed earlier this year the first phone call I made was to my mom that lives in California. She didn't realize who she was speaking to for a moment since it had been so long since she heard my voice on the phone lol my mom was like how is it possible you are talking on the phone?!!! The gentleman that installed our phone was very nice and knowledgeable! He did a fantastic job and went above and beyond answering our questions and helping me feel comfortable using the phone again! 



Pekin, IL

I could not use a telephone at all for 46 years and after receiving my Cochlear Implant still needed help until I received a CaptionCall telephone several years ago. Now I do all my own telephone calls. Needless to say CaptionCall has changed my life quite a bit!


North Port, FL

I live by myself and could not survive without my captioncall phone. Doctor’s offices, pharmacies and special calls with numbers could not be complete without my wonderful phone.


Mesa, AZ

I cannot express how very much I am enjoying my new phone.  It enables me to check back on a questionable word and I am able to adjust sound.  The phone has broadened my general day to day, being able to communicate with anyone now.  THANK YOU...You have brightened up my whole life.  I am 83 now and looking forward to 84!!



Newburyport, MA

I am very happy with my Captioncall phone. I have been wearing hearing aids for about 8 years. Until I got CaptionCall, I had to go to my daughter's home when I needed to take care of business over the phone and get her to make the call for me ,because I could not understand much that was said over the phone. Not anymore! ! ! I no longer have to bother my daughter; that makes me feel more like my old "independent" self. Thank you, CaptionCall, for helping me get that back.


Houston, TX